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Quintus Antonius
07-07-2006, 22:36
Hello everyone,

I will be leaving for vacation for roughly two weeks starting the night of July 13th, which is next Thursday.

Do not worry, the Lore Forum will not be without moderation during my abscence. During this time, well-known and experienced GWO moderator, MixedVariety, will be on hand to handle moderation of the Lore Forum.

However, MV cannot be available at all times, and has his own forums to monitor. Because of this, one of our own lore community members will temporarily be named Lore Forum Moderator Liaison. It has been decided that the user Gmr Leon will take up this mantle in my abscence. I hope you will show him the respect you would show me, and will listen if he advises behavior in a thread to change (ie, has to calm a potential flaming situation). While he will not be an actual moderator, he will be in contact with MixedVariety, who will oversee moderation if it becomes necessary.

I've always been proud of the attitudes and behaviors of the members of this lore community, and I know that Gmr Leon will be bored while I am gone, and MV will have nothing to do, because this community is entirely capable of keeping itself under control.

That said, if a problem does arise, using the report button will be uneffective, since I will not be there to recieve the report. In this scenario, please send your report directly to MixedVariety or forum administrator snowkissed, and they will take care of it as soon as they can.

So, please respect the rules and your fellow community members while I'm gone, as you would if I were here. I know things won't be exactly the same for the two weeks I'm gone, but please continue to post, hypothesize, theorize, and discuss as you would if I were here, and I'll be back before you know it.

I will be around until the 13th, so if there are any questions, concerns, or comments you wish to bring forward, please use this thread to do so, and I will try my best to address them.

So in review:

I will be gone for about two weeks starting on the 13th
MixedVariety will oversee Lore Forum moderation
Gmr Leon will be the Lore Forum Moderator Liaison
If a problem arises, send a report via PM directly to MixedVariety or snowkissed
Follow the rules
Post as you normally would if I were around

Thank you for your time, and for your observation of the rules.

~Quintus Antonius
Lore Forum Moderator

Gmr Leon
07-07-2006, 22:40
So,pretty much I monitor and call in the troops(MV) if something goes wrong or a firefight starts right? I just wish to make sure what I'm doing while your away.

Quintus Antonius
07-07-2006, 22:59
That's a good summary, yes. Thankfully, the members of the community are all very mature and well behaved for the most part, and I don't expect any problems.

07-07-2006, 23:10
Quick! Everyone get your pitchforks and torches! We'll storm the Lore Forum!

Oh, Quintus, you're still here?

I, uh, this was... err... a test. Yes. To see how Gmr Leon would cope. Heh heh.

Scott the Green
08-07-2006, 03:38
Don't bother storming, we've already been relegated to near the bottom of the community forum section of the drop box. The Lore and the Lounge, the two subfora I'm most active in, both got dropped farther down the list. I smell conspiracy.

Blasted minotaurs...

08-07-2006, 05:06
We'll miss you Quintus! *hides his pitchfork*

Edit: Can Leon host expeditions now?

Quintus Antonius
08-07-2006, 05:21
Edit: Can Leon host expeditions now?

Anyone can host expeditions at any time by posting an expedition request in the "Planned Expeditions" thread.

That's the way it's always been...

08-07-2006, 17:09
In case something happens that needs immediate attention, my advice would be to PM me and snowkissed both, at the very least. I'm talking emergencies, like gold-selling adverts and malware adverts.

For non-emergency things that need moving, merging or pruning, PMing me should be enough.

Quint runs a tight ship here and you all seem rather scholarly and well-behaved, so I don't expect there will be any real personality conflicts. However, the Huns are always ready to invade as soon as a weakness appears in the walls, so I'm here to help when necessary.

09-07-2006, 15:05
ANGRY MOBS FT....ow hi quintus *runs from bannstick*

Toshiro Hanzo
10-07-2006, 20:18
I am an officer of the Blade and Rose guild and was told by Quintus to inform you that something has happened to his internet connection and for whatever reason he can't get on the forums at this time. He told me that you should act as you would when he is on vacation until he can get back online.

Quintus Antonius
13-07-2006, 21:31
I'm posting this simply to confirm everything Toshiro said. I'll see you all when I get back from vacation and get my new internet connection on the 24th.

14-07-2006, 00:15
We're on it, Quint. Enjoy the vacation. Do NOT think at all about all the partying and wreckage going on here while you're gone.

Gmr Leon
14-07-2006, 00:25
Yea...don't...please? *whispers*Quick let's start up theories about Gwen and the fuzzy bunny of Pre-Searing causing the Searing!*whispersend*

Quintus Antonius
24-07-2006, 01:53
*a mobile suit busts through the wall Kool-Aid Man style*

I'm back. Time to get serious again!

*fires beam rifle indiscriminately*

Stand witness to my triumphant return!

Anyway, thanks to MV and Leon for keeping things in check while I was gone. It doesn't look like there is much that needs my attention. Thank you to the community for behaving and proceeding as usual.

24-07-2006, 07:27
He's back, hide your toys!

24-07-2006, 07:59
Welcome back, Quintus. :smiley:

And Kalidri, when you mentioned "toys", I first thought about a brand of toys that's entirely inappropriate for this forum. :wink:

teh Monkeys
24-07-2006, 10:35
Alas, all good times must come to an end sometime. :p

24-07-2006, 20:19
*looks completely innocent*

I have a mind full of only the purest thoughts.

Toys? What toys? Other than a map, compass, boot leather and an unending sense of curiousity? Right?

Not that I am a member of TAOS...my fiction writing would likely get me disbarred within 24 hours. However I do enjoy reading the lore...