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Servant of Kali
08-07-2006, 17:29
Ok, as im re-discovering pve, i kinda figgured out i have a lack of knowledge on quite a lot of things :) One of them are chests. Well, i need money, but i also feel like im missing out content whenever i ran past chests and almost never opening them (unless i picked the key after some monster dropped it).

How profitable are (high-end) chests? Yes i've seen alot of people entering some missions just to run chests so, what do they exactly get there? How valuable are items? How often do i have to do something to have a chance of a good drop? How valuable are chests i ran across while going over Kurzick n Luxon territories? Should i waste keys on opening them? Should i open only gold chests, or there are actually some good purple ones?

And one ... kinda farming question - green items can only drop from bosses who 'have' them. Drops when with henchies are lesser than with players no? Or it's a myth? What is the best place to get best greens in the least time spent? Is it still SF?

Is the Deep/Urgoz/FoW worth entering if people need cash, or these areas are done more for fun? Im asking because i've seen alot of people complaining they didnt get much from the Deep for instance.

08-07-2006, 19:01
Some people get alot from chest runs, however i made a loss. I wanted to test chest running in FoW, 12 keys later nad a load of rubbish drops i was quite alot of money down, i got one good item, i req 9 gold chaos axe which i id'd to become a chaos axe of death bad xD.

Saying this i do know quite alot of people who have got rich from Chest running, so i guess it depends on the amount of time and money you wish to dedicate.

Drops with henchies is not less than with players, this is a myth, it just seems this way because you cant see what drops for the henchman, whereas you can see what drops for other players.

FoW and UW farming are pretty profitable done in two man or 5 man groups, i cant give any info about the elite missions though, as i;ve never done them

Hope this helps

EDIT: Also a tip for chest running, never open a chest first because it will always drop one colour. Let someone else use there key first and if you see a gold drop, then use your key, as you will get a gold, if a purple drops save your key and use it on the next gold dropping chest :tongue:

08-07-2006, 19:37
Like any other game of chance, it is a gamble. You occasionally get a good
item, but most of the time it is fit for the merchant. It is your call in the end.

08-07-2006, 19:58
Chest runs pay off in the long run. If you only do about 20 chests you will be lucky to break even or make money. It is when you invest in chest running that you can make money and by that I am talking about 150-200 keys and the time it takes to do that.

fire magic wins
09-07-2006, 09:30
chest runs give me a lot of money.
i now run in a part where i know where all the chests are, i run get the gold really fast and i get lots of gold.

my minimum amount of gold is 10 in 1 hour :grin:
always 1 or 2 perfect items with these 10 so i make about 60k each run or sometimes less.

1 thing i dont know do you have more chance to get good items if you opened a lot of chests and here by getting the title?

i opened 164 chests now and made more then 200k :grin:

running in random places where you dont know where the chests are, well lets say you have less then 1% chance of getting a good gold item....

Servant of Kali
09-07-2006, 10:14
running in random places where you dont know where the chests are, well lets say you have less then 1% chance of getting a good gold item....

Ok so what ur saying is that some places have 'bad' chests, and in some places chests continuously drop better stuff? Even tho it's the same chest?

An example: i fight with henchies outiside Anjeka outpost and run into a chest. Do i open it? :) Or do i go into some mission where people do chest runs?

One other thing, what do u people do with (white) armor drops? Do you just sell it to merchant the way it is, or do you use salvage kit on it? Is the resource you get by salvaging worth it, or it's better to just sell straight to merchant?

fire magic wins
09-07-2006, 10:28
im saying that in an area there is 1 gold chest and about 3-5 purple. if you only open 1 of those chests you dont really have much chance of getting gold...if you dont know where the chests are it will take long before you get the gold, if you know where the chests are you know where to look and can run there fast and find the gold chest fast.

Vexed Arcanist
09-07-2006, 14:57
It is all random, it is all luck. Some are luckier than others, some are terribly unlucky. I fall on the unluckier end of the spectrum.