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09-07-2006, 23:53
I enjoyed hearing your theories on the Grawl religion and relations with the Charr, and I remember the Grawl back in the ol' Dwarf world. I will venture a guess that after the Searing some Grawl went on a pilgrimage to a new home, something less Charr-ed (sorry :tongue: ). Anywho, it could have been the heretics, or the petitioners (see Grawl-charr relations topic), to escape persecution, or to find a better home as said above. For some reason they liked the area, and settled, and as to their leveling up, I am lost.

Please post your theories. I <3 Grawl! =D

Quintus Antonius
10-07-2006, 00:27
It might also be a different group of grawl.

Although, the pilgramage to find a new home does sound interesting, afterall, Rurik and the Ascalonians did the same thing.

29-07-2006, 18:25
Maybe the Grawl evovled (gained levels) to contend with its neighbours and hostile environment. Or maybe the Grawl have a naturally nomadic culture and maybe just - er... - got lost, liked their new surroundings and sort of settled and bred.

09-08-2006, 19:32
Remeber that Pre-searing Ascolon appeared to directly connected to the southern shiverpeaks through the mineral springs. It's not inconciveable that they just walked there.

09-08-2006, 19:42
Not to mention, it's entirely possible they already took residence in the Southern Shiverpeaks, tried to do a bit of expansion, but were forced back by the Searing.

After all, they, and the Shiverpeaks themselves lost a lot of their land to the Searing. While we only knew of Wizard's Folly, it's possible that a large section of the Shiverpeaks were involved in the grand blasting, which would explain their relative ease in migrating.

EDIT: In fact, from comparing both the Pre-Searing and Post-Searing Ascalonian maps, it's entirely possible there's a good third of the Shiverpeak's landmass blitzed by the fiery storm.

10-08-2006, 09:27
If we are theorizing (is that the word :P??) so much, then what if it was the other way around?? Maybe the Grawl migrated (some stayed behind) from the Shiverpeaks to Ascalon (maybe they got tired of the cold weather and wanted to settle in a warmer place). Perhaps the older (high-lvl) Grawl did not make through the arduous journey and only the younger (lower-lvl) survived.
I know these are just speculations, but hey, there are many of these posted above :wink:

Quintus Antonius
10-08-2006, 17:23
Seems plausible enough, Endamir. But level isn't necessarily indicative of age, rather, it indicates the level of combat experience. Still, age and experience do tend to come together, so in this case it may be.

11-08-2006, 09:27
I understand your point. I just wanted my theory to explain why there are no lvl 24 grawls in pre-searing :wink: .
It can be expanded to a point. During their travel, they could've encountered some hostile creatures (heck, maybe even the Avicara from Mineral Springs; we actualy see that in Talus Chute the Avicara are seperate from the Grawl, but they surround the Grawl encampment from all sides -> maybe some sort of attack plan). Because of those creatures, the battle-experienced Grawl decided to engage in battle with them to buy some time to the lower experienced ones to get away as far as possible.

Quintus Antonius
11-08-2006, 16:52
I was thinking a long the lines of what you just said Endamir. After the Grawl fled Ascalon, they encountered lots of resistance in the harsh enviroments of the Shiverpeaks, which helped them to become more experienced in combat.

Of course, I think the Grawl are naturally from the Shiverpeaks anyway, but I don't think they were from the Southern Shiverpeaks, probably the mid to northern Shiverpeaks.