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Gmr Leon
15-07-2006, 00:25

Now what I found to be interesting in that was the following:

"They were brought here to watch over Tyria while the gods completed their creation." The word "their" is exactly what I'm trying to figure out. I'm wondering if it means they hadn't completely finished creating the Forgotten,but how could this be? It states that they were summoned by the gods. That is the reason I dismissed this theory of what he meant. Before I get any replies saying this is talking about the world I've read the Manuscripts,but I doubt that is what he is talking about.

Before any confusion begins about them being summoned or them being created I will add this:

It was almost three thousand years ago that a race of serpents stepped out of the Rift onto the soil of Tyria.-They had been summoned by the old gods..

What I am trying to say is,I think that the Elonians know even more about the old gods than Tyrians and Canthans. I'm not exactly sure how they would,but it may be that since the Forgotten were also in Cantha that they are/were in Elona. It's possible that Turai Ossa and the group of people with him had left either a few years before or after Elonians first met the Forgotten.

This would explain why exactly his people thought the Forgotten were just mindless beasts. Yet I think another reason is that after seeing some other things whilst exploring the Crystal Desert they weren't going to take any chances with the Forgotten.

Anyway on to my point,I think that it's possible he was saying the gods created themselves. Yet I questioned myself,how is that possible? Then I remembered Dhuum,if there was a god before Grenth it is entirely possible the whole pantheon was created. In agreeing with Quintus' theory it's possible that Dhuum was part of the first pantheon of gods and they created the humans. A group of humans ascended to the throne,and overthrew the old pantheon.(which Dhuum was in)It is quite possible considering we only enter two of the gods' realms.

Since there is a battle raging in the Fissure of Woe it's even more possible that anything speaking of him overthrowing a past god was destroyed. That is,destroyed in a battle or by Balthazar himself so that nobody would ever know of a past god's existence and question him. Why Grenth wouldn't do the same is probably because he never expected mortals to want to enter his realm or even have a reason to do so.

That or he made sure to hide that information in the deepest part of the Underworld,I can't say that I've been that far. Anyway,this is just my theory of what Turrai was trying to say..

15-07-2006, 01:02
Pretty sure this is a semantics problem.

"They were brought here to watch over Tyria while the gods completed their creation."

Clearly, the "their" is an adjective. They were finishing up "their creation" (the world) and the serpents were summoned to "patrol", so to speak. To be fair, we don't even know if the serpents are created by the old gods or not. They were "summoned" from the rifts.

Mularc Templare
15-07-2006, 09:52
Still, Gmr Leon bring up good points.

It has been pretty much excepted that the Forgotten actually existed before the world of Tyria was "created". This is thus how they were summoned.

The part about Humans "ascending" to godly forms so to speak, is intereging, and certainly possible. However, I think the point is that they are not the humans of Tyria the continent.

Factions brought us a new timeline which states, in plain english (or whatever language you read it in :P) that humans were around on Cantha before they were on Tyria the continent. I am starting to suspect that we as a race may not even belong to Tyria the planet, but to another world far across the multiverse. Each chpater may bring us an older an older race of humans.

As to the Gods creating themselves, it is definately plausable, but I'll try a different tact. My manuals (European, although I live in Australia - figure that one out) describe the Forgotten as "Shepards" for the races, so maybe the conflict which caused Grenth to overthrow Duhmm or Balthazar & Mensies to be at odds was happening apon the surface of the world, and the Forgotten were there to make sure that we didn't get annilated. It could explain how we knew of both Grenth & Lyssa, even though it is argued the never had a place in Arah.

thats my 2c,


Quintus Antonius
24-07-2006, 02:26
If you ask me, none of the races of Tyria, except possibly the beast races (Charr, Tengu, etc) were created by the gods. I believe humans and Forgotten are all "pulled" or "abducted" from somewhere else. This furthers my argument of the gods not being godly, so to say.

Also, I continue to press that the Forgotten are there to keep Glint "in" rather than to keep us "out". Notice the simple language of the quote. While the Forgotten make us think they are protecting Glint's Lair for her sake, I think evidence shows that thus may not be the case.