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25-07-2006, 19:10
Is it just me or are people dumb to sell imperial commendations for 100g?

I mean, you could just trade 5 of them for a superior salvage kit, then sell it for 1 plat?

is there something i'm missing here?

Azure Eyes
25-07-2006, 19:15
Thats why people buy them to make a profit. They are taking advantage of new players who dont know any better, kind of standard operating procedure for online games. Thats why when i get a new game i dont buy or sell anything until at least a month passes and i know what im doing.

25-07-2006, 19:31
Yes shamelessly exploit the ignorant ... and be proud of yourself.

25-07-2006, 19:36
I think you can trade the Commendations now for the Gold Berserker Insight scrolls which are going for about 1.1k with the Scroll Trader... I just did this couple of nights ago and got more money compared to selling the Sup Salvage Kit. Of course, since this is market-based price, may drop in the future if more people are selling it rather than buying it.

25-07-2006, 19:39
Well, i was just making sure i iwasn't missing something here. Seemed to good to be true, but i don't like to take advantage of newbies so i guess i will lay off of it.

(the only time i couldn't resist was when someone offered me, on their own volition, without any prompting, 500g to run the to kaineng c. i know it was evil, but "the only thing which i cannot resist is temptation.")

25-07-2006, 20:32
I haven't bought or sold any Imperial Commendations. But here I was, thinking that 100 gold was a fair price.

In my case, however, I wasn't looking at salvage kits -- but rice wine and dwarven ale. Buying ale with a commendation would give you something you could sell back to the trader at 100 gold.

So it isn't necessarily an "exploit the new user" scenario. That may be more common, but don't pounce on someone in town for this. "OMFG you're a low life scammer!" Rather, inform the seller politely of their options. "You could trade five in for a superior salvage kit and get a platinum, so selling for 100 gold means you're losing money."

Mistress Jakira
25-07-2006, 22:16
1 Imperial Commendation = 1 Hunter's Ale. Helped my buddy get to his Drunkard title :wink: I wouldn't sell 'em. Never thought about that whole superior salvage kit thing. :shocked:

the true gangster
26-07-2006, 08:29
I have seen people buying for 100gp before, I noticed this was under price, but no so much as you have shown me. I only saw the dwarven ale cost 200gp, while sold for 100gp [at merchant].
This still is not as bad as people buying black dyes in pre for 100gp [and people trying to defend this].

26-07-2006, 21:08
The chances are high that people that would sell at 100g each do not know they can get more for them if they turn it into something else first.

People that offer to buy them are looking to make a profit or get their drunkard titles for half the cost. Everyone is free to make an opinion, but mins is that this practice is taking advantage of the uninformed. Some people believe this is a perfectly acceptable practice.

As for justifying whether it's an exploit because one can get an ale and sell it for 100g to the merchant, therefore, their profit is the same for a commendation, I would say that they are still taking advantage of the uninformed except now they are actively trying to skew the picture to justify it. The seller is being given a false justification for 100g and are uninformed that they can get more for them arbitraging something else. Additionally, if I have 10 commendations, I guarantee you that I can get 10 ales, and sell it to player for 1500 gold instead of 1000 at merchant. Someone looking for drunkard title will buy those 10 ales for less than 2000 gold they would normally have to pay.