View Full Version : Video card choices

25-07-2006, 22:16
Lately I have been looking around for a new video card for my computer. After doing some research, there are two that have caught my eye. The Radeon X1600 Pro agp, and the 7800 Gs agp. Obviously I have an agp slot on my computer, but other than that, theres no limit to suggestions.

The ONLY modern game I play is guild wars. What I want to do specifically is tweak the settings to the max, and have it run smooth at the same time. Currently there is a 9600 pro in my tower right now. Its nice, but I want to take my GW experience further.

I don't know too much about computers, but I know for sure my computer more than meets the recommended requirements for Guild wars.

Money is not an issue here. I would, however, like to save as much as I can. If gw will run perfectly with the X1600, then that will be the one. If it can be improved even further with the 7800 Gs, I'm willing to shell out $300 more and buy that.

Please give me your suggestions, I'm really struggling to find a good answer. If you know of any other good cards, let me know. But, um, I live in a small town and am limited to just a futureshop, so availability might be a concern.