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The Crazy Weasel
25-07-2006, 23:14
Well, I just read the thread detailing the Derv's attributes, and saw mysticism... and then I thought wow! This would be PERFECT as a darkbombing character!

The attribute in question:

Whenever an Enchantment ends, you gain 3 Health for each rank of Mysticism and 1 Energy for every 2 ranks of Mysticism.

Now, my two problems with the DB necro build have always been health and energy management. OoB generally takes care of the energy, but i still run dry past 5e occationally, and being N/Mo usually helps with the health part (healing breeze plus blood renewal), but I always still manage to sac myself to death, since I havent capped aura of the lich yet. Well this looks to solve my problems!

The char would be D/N, he would use level 10 mysticism (6 +4), and then 12 blood and 11 death. Now, the DB is a very enchant heavy build, using at least AoTL, BR, Dark Aura. Every time one of these ended, the D/N would gain 5e and 30hp. BR would pay for itself in energy and more than so in health with its nice heal at the end along with myst. Even with lower damage output, I think this could still add up to good constant damage as you would have to stop less often to recharge energy and health from casting and sac'ing...

So would it work much better than the traditional DB?

(Oh and +cool points for black robe and scythe with death magic)

critical vengeance
25-07-2006, 23:27
sounds pretty good idea if anet decides not to change things up... this sounds like a great concept and is a very good synergy idea, although most prefer a normal mm as the damage can be done it seems better if the minions stay alive.

27-07-2006, 16:31
it wouldnt be practical as the bursts would be far apart(maybe PvP is okay)
also that much health is not going to save u

27-07-2006, 19:49
I was thinking something similar, but with vampiric spirit instead.

A dervish is already up-close, and if the dervish has 5 energy enchantments, then it will work perfectly with Blood's vampiric spirit and Blood Renewal.