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Apok Omni
28-07-2006, 07:16
Now, as most of you know, there are Rangers running around with Hammers knocking peple down and inflicting Deep Wound on them when they are on the ground. Most of these Rangers with Hammers (also called Bunny Thumpers) are used in smite groups.

Well, this is a new build that I wanted to test and I did. The beauty of it is that the Attack skills sometimes recieve a buff from Enchantments. The Dervish's Scythe Mastery line offers many damage attack that require Enchantments.

Gentleman and Gentle-ladies, meet the Slasher...


Scythe Mastery: 12
Beast Mastery: 10+1+2
Expertise: 8+2

Crippling Sweep: It cripples the foe if you are under any enchantments, 4 enchantments for maximum duration (20 seconds) Also does extra damage.

Wounding Strike: If you have any enchantments on you, the foe has Deep Wound. If not, they are Bleeding, so it is a win-win. Also goes great in dual/triple smite. And... it recharges every 3 seconds, so you can keep on reapplying it whenever you choose. It costs 10 energy, but only 6 thanks to Expertise.

Tiger's Fury: IAS stance

Call of Haste: Your pet is your best friend, so give them a buff, too.

Enraged Lunge: Do the famous Tiger's Fury+EL combo for great damage.

Comfort Animal: Need I explain this?

Charm Animal: If you want your pet, bring it :)

Ressurection Signet: Ressurect your pals.

*note* Crippling Sweep can be swapped with anything, it is just there for anti-kite.


Of course, bring full Sentries armor, and have a Dmg+ 15% while in a stance modded scythe. Any other mod on the scythe will be okay, so dont worry.

As a Scythe does more damage than a Hammer, it was a great tool for this build. Also, the Scythe does AoE damage every swing, so it is a great weapon.

Please remember that this has been tested and works great in battle. Although, any suggestions to make this build even more potent are welcome, just no flame and blame, please. Enjoy!

28-07-2006, 08:48
How about taking Balthazar's Avatar.

You could also tell me if it does holy or light damage actually. :)

I wonder that you thought of using a Ranger/Dervish with a pet. I would rather capitalize on the high max damage of the Scythe and crits.

I do not fully understand your build, but I replied so that you feel good. It hurt me that nobody replied to your idea. :)

Apok Omni
28-07-2006, 09:08
Balthazar's Avatar is in Mysticism Attribute line, which is the primary Attribute for Dervish.

This is a modified Thumper Build, which was a R/W with a hammer. I just tweeked it.

Thanks for your sympathy, I thought my life was going to end if no one replied.

25-10-2006, 22:07
I like the build but swap the elite to Ferocious Stike for energy return. Nice job !

critical vengeance
25-10-2006, 22:50
like the build, but you didn't pick up an elite in it did you?

26-10-2006, 03:37
You would only have call of haste and TF recharging of the BM skills meaning enraged would do like ferocious strike damage... why do you have wounding strike with no enchantment? R/D is a good concept but this is not what I had in mind >< There is definately gonna be better things to smite off of come nightfall than this.

26-10-2006, 12:45
How do you want to cripple them with crippling sweep if you have no enchantments? :rolleyes:

Stone Maidan
26-10-2006, 15:37
I think this build was made for group play not going solo.

Renegade Returns
26-10-2006, 15:44
nice build makes me regret deleting my ranger :laugh: