View Full Version : shouts and chants

evil cheas
28-07-2006, 23:02
ok dont get it what is the different between shouts and chants????

28-07-2006, 23:07
I may be wrong, and will stand corrected if it comes to that, but...In prophecies you could use a shout in the middle of using another skill, i.e you shouted while swinging your sword. They were all pretty much instantaneous. A chant has a casting time, and it does not appear that you can use a shout while it is casting.

That's my guess at least.

evil cheas
28-07-2006, 23:18
oh i thikn i got it a hant is like a long shout.....

Servant of Kali
28-07-2006, 23:52
Check Paragon forum pls. These skills are unique to Paragon, and it would be logical that Paragon forum is checked first for it. And it is explained there already :)

29-07-2006, 01:08
Chants have an activation time of 1-2 seconds and can be interrupted; shouts - like stances - are instant and can't fail.