View Full Version : Offensive Spear Paragon build please

29-07-2006, 03:53
Anyone come up with anything?

29-07-2006, 04:41
The elite in the default build annoys monks, but right now most people are playing R/P for spearthrowing though.

29-07-2006, 04:43
Spear of Lightning
Resurrection Signet
6 free slots

29-07-2006, 05:10
*rolls eyes* Folks really don't have much imagination. Using Expertise to reduce the cost of Spear of Lightning is an poor way utilize Spear Mastery skills in general. There are so many options that used to be restricted to melee weapons, like stance breakers (a ranged Wild Blow), that can now be used at a distance. Most of these take adrenaline.

I also wouldn't count Leadership out of the picture, as Leadership has some pretty nifty skills under its rubric. Like shouts that give all allies +2 Energy Regen for over 30 seconds (as long as they are not casting spells, of course, but that pretty much boosts all Rangers, Warriors, and Paragons). And those nasty Echoes.

29-07-2006, 09:34
Does power attack work for spears as well?

Jhanto Gun
29-07-2006, 17:12
here is what I experiment (migthy thrower build) with yesterday:

-mighty thorw (speed plus damage)
-barbed spear (bleeding)
-lightning spear (lightning damage plus 25% armor penetration)
-leaders comfort (self heals. note: more allies in the area the more heals)
-mending refrain (health regen buff)
-watch yourself (armor buff, could reach 120+ armor with shield)
-free slots, you chioce (or get a echo/shout/chant to keep mending up at all times, everytime you used leaders comfort and watch yourself you gain energy, so keep leadership 9 or higher)

weakness: hexers and interupters. against melees if you time everything right you will survived even against 3 melee (includes dervishers) at the same time. have fun with it yesterday. attiributes: spear mastery 13 or higher. leadership 9 or higher. motivation 9 or higher.

forgot to mentioned the armor, since there are so many r/p in RA and TA, using + lightning armor helps a lot. this plus more ele protection plus high armor keep damages as low as possible.

29-07-2006, 22:36
Does power attack work for spears as well?
Disregard that post.. jeez, I think I was high on crack cocain while typing that.

Here's the build I've been using in RA now:

Barbed Spear
Lightning Spear
Stunning Strike
Mending Refrain
Sig of Synergy
Ballad of Restoration

I do okay, I'll try out your build soon. I was also thinking of a build using Vicious Spear and "Go for the Eyes!".. but it's still under testing.