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Antonio Enigma
29-07-2006, 10:47
As an avid follower of Lyssa and her devious ways I was delighted to see this skill.

However as soon as I start attacking most chars seem to kite, therefore not use skills.

Although easy to cripple I still find it hard to hit during the activations due to the slow recharge time of the swings.

The build i am using at the moment focuses a bit more on her +10 Energy, along side the abillity for pious assault and eremites zeal to end high damaging Enchants.

Eremite's Zeal: For Energy management and ending enchants

Pious Assault: To end enchants while adding 20 dam.

Avatar Of Lyssa: For +10 energy.... but the problem is all avatars work as well if not better here.

Balthazars Zeal: 88 Damage and a lil healing

Heart of the Holy FLame: 80 damage and enemies set on fire for 3

Grenth's Fingers: 80 damage and crippled for 8

Faithful Intervention: Automatic Self Heal. If triggerd runaway and reapply

Res Sig: Because you just should alright.....

just spam the enchants with Zeal for nice condition spreading + energy management + damage

Maybe a little over kill for Pious Assault on there so I might take Pious Renewel for more energy and health gain or channeling [although that means a split in attributes].

Enchant removal shouldnt be an issue either since i want most of my enchants removed.

But the problem is it seems a waste of an elite if im only using it for +10 energy, and MoRecall [but split in Attributes] would probally be better. Avatar of Melandru is superiour for the added health and conditions and Dwanya would have a great health gain too. Arcane Zeal should be great with the added energy too.

So what build would really highlight Lyssa's power???

29-07-2006, 12:25
All I see it being useful for is in pve areas with heavy hexing. The extra energy is probably going to be useful for spamming skills to lose the hexes.

Aside from that, there's always the option of using a wand/focus with Mysticism and spamming spells with the extra energy? It does seem a little underpowered to me, even if it does look cool in-game.

Antonio Enigma
29-07-2006, 14:38
Dwyana loses hexes...

Lyssa adds +48 to foes using skills and adds 10 Energy

29-07-2006, 14:57
Dwyana loses hexes...

Lyssa adds +48 to foes using skills and adds 10 Energy

If you're going for lyssa you want to be spamming quick attacks (daggers + IAS buff), either really fast, or using a melee or ranged interrupt build. Otherwise, doesn't fit so well.

29-07-2006, 15:00
Sounds like it could be nice on an interrupt ranger/dervish for some added hurt, but for a dervish primary I don't think it's up to much.

Edit: Whoops, just realised they're in the primary line for dervishes, so no use to other professions.

29-07-2006, 20:42
Maibe a D/A Dagger heavy daze style and focus on casters?

29-07-2006, 20:42
D/A with daggers
or D/Me with arcane conundrum for spells
or D/E with Rust for signets
there is probably more options too.

Ranger Nietzsche
29-07-2006, 22:55
D/R using a bow for interrupts

spam marks for damage and then a distracting shot would do like 50 dmg and savage up to 60

29-07-2006, 23:04
My bad. I'll just sit and watch what happens, then. :P

30-07-2006, 03:12
I think lyssa may need a slight buff , balthazar gives you +40 armor and 33% speed movement, melandru gives you +200hp and immunity to conditions! Grenth gives you chance to keep enchants off of people easily and dwayna lets you be hex free with a small free heal.

Im thinking atleast make it atleast +20energy and maybe make it +20 to every attack and +41 to those activating skills.

30-07-2006, 03:18
I think Lyssa's one is fine as it is. Against a caster with Arcane Conodrum, against an Assassin spaming attacking skills, or even against a warrior using a signet, the extra damage does a very strong punch.

I think Grenth's one is the weakest of them. Removing enchantments can be done with a lot of Dervish skills (sometimes it's bad to remove enchantments anyway, especially against another Dervish), and cold damage, well...I wish the Avatar of Grenth had a small health stealing with each attack, like the scythe vampiric mod.


Paul Pluto
30-07-2006, 13:52
I like the idea of life stealing. Not the usual -1 degen and +5 or something but Grenths could be like 20% chance to steal 7 health from foes when attacking.

Or something along those lines.

Akirai Annuvil
30-07-2006, 14:45
Lyssa is fine Grenth is weak, balthazar is overpowered (it needs less armor in my opinion) and Melandru's is overpowered too (I think that being immune to all conditions and having +200 HP is a bit much. Either make it +100 HP, or limit the amount of conditions is what I say).

30-07-2006, 15:42
If you want to "hit" skills, use Flurry. You do so much damage that the 25% decrease isn't bad, its cheap and requires no attribute splitting.

Antonio Enigma
30-07-2006, 20:02
thanks for the ideas ^^

Loving the D/R interupt idea....

24-10-2006, 23:59
Why do i see builds with Dervish using staffs and bows ? For god sakes peoples you have the best damage weapon in the game so use it ! LOL !
I know people cn play the way they want but thats like making an A/mo build with a staff and say its a healer lmao ! 2 more days til nightfall good luck

15-11-2006, 06:29
frustration + conundrum rocks. but its being hard to become effective

<optional scythe attack> (i use crip)
arcane conundrum
heart of fury
mystic vigor
faithful intervention
avatar of lyssa
sunspear sig

15-11-2006, 09:30
Im thinking atleast make it atleast +20energy and maybe make it +20 to every attack and +41 to those activating skills.
HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Ohhh, man. I just love these forums. Totally brightened up my day, thanks suikoden.

15-11-2006, 16:00
If you have Lyssa you should try D/A with Daggers.

Something like:

Leaping Mantis
Fox Fangs
Falling Spider
Death Blossom
Heart of Fury

Or take out HoX/FS for more utility.

With double strike's and dual attack's during skills you can spike for huge damage.

Neonach The Snail
15-11-2006, 23:35
Here's my D/A build:

Avatar of Lyssa
Heart of Fury
Golden Pheonix Strike
Horns of the Ox
Zealous Renewal
Mystic Regeneration
Aura of Thorns
Res Sig

Mysticism = 15
Dagger Mastery = 11
Earth Prayers = 9

I found it to be pretty effective. I also used Zealous Daggers, which helped a lot.