View Full Version : My Illusion Win Ear (Miwe) Dervish v. 0.1

Secksi Kitten
29-07-2006, 15:59
This is a build I thought of, might be common, but I don't think anyone else posted it yet. It's called Win My Ear because you obviously use Mysticism, Earth Prayers, Wind Prayers and Illusion Magic.


Mysticism: 12+4 (hat, sup rune).
Wind prayers: 9+1 (minor rune).
Earth prayers: 7+1 (minor rune).
Illusion magic: 6.


Health armor. (Superir mysticism rune, minor wind rune, minor earth rune, superior vigor rune).
Pvp Fire Wand +15 energy, -1 energy regeneration.
Pvp Flame Artifact, +12 energy, +15 energy -1 energy regen, +30 health.


Slot 1: Balthazar's Rage (104 AoE Damage)
Slot 2: Heart of Holy Flame (80 AoE Damage)
Slot 3: Grenth's Fingers (80 AoE Damage)
Slot 4: Meditation (incase you run low on energy)
Slot 5: Arcane zeal (+5 energy everytime you cast a spell)
Slot 6: Mystic Regeneration (for 20 seconds, +3 health regen for each enchantment on you, counts as an enchantment)
Slot 7: Conjure Nightmare (Mad degeneration on Enemy)
Slot 8: Resurrection signet (Self explanitory)

Improvements to come with your replies =)

If you don't understand anything be polite and ask, there's no need to cuss. I don't promise you this build is perfect, but you might wanna try it.