View Full Version : Spear LoS issues

29-07-2006, 19:43
Has anyone else noticed buggy programming with the Paragon's spear throwing? Tested and verified many teams in both HA and TA maps. Paragons can throw spears through walls, basically. This needs some fixin.

Freaking healer II
29-07-2006, 19:46
err no, I played Paragon and when I am behind something it gives the same message as it would with a other range weapon. Maybe it was the wall or object?

29-07-2006, 19:52
I played a spearslinger and murdered a monk, whom moments later freaked out and shouted at me because I appearently hit him through scenery when it shouldnt have been possible. I more think it is some of these maps that may have issues and not count for properly blocking line of sight.

29-07-2006, 20:06
i dont think u can shoot tru walls but i'm fairly sure u can shoot tru doors

29-07-2006, 21:13
that depends on what door. Some door blocks, some don't.

I believe it is a map issue.

29-07-2006, 23:50
i've noticed this to. Earlier today, we were up against a packhunter spike group in HA and our monk was freaking out that he was getting hit by spear attacks from behind a wall.

Arctus Redryn
30-07-2006, 00:36
I noticed this as well. Probably problems with the map.

Heath Laron
30-07-2006, 12:46
Most definately an issue on one of the maps. The reason I say this is because I've had "View of target is obstructed." spammed at me for the past 2 days. Ah. :(

Jhanto Gun
30-07-2006, 17:43
agreed with others map issues.