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Mirage CrimsonBlade
30-07-2006, 19:30

If I recall correctly:
Spear Mastery: 11+4
Motivation: 11+1
Leadership: 10+1
Alternatively it might be worthwhile to put the sup rune on motiv, didn't get a chance to try this weekend.

Spear of Lightning
Barbed Spear
Stunning Strike
Watch Yourself
Finale of Restoration
Mending Refrain
Leaders comfort
Res Signet // Lead the Way (For AB's)

Case finale of rest and mend refrain right before battle, cast watch yourself as soon as it expired (5 seconds) and this will keep renewing your echo. You'll keep health regen and +health every time a shout ends (watch yourself at 5 seconds if you have the adren to fuel it). Barbed and stunning will also put bleeding and dazed on your opponent while spear of lightning is fairly spammable with watch yourself giving you free energy due to points in leadership.

Obviously you want to stay in the middle of the group and buff everyone while focusing fire on the called target.

30-07-2006, 20:40
you know that finale of restoration doesnt renew yeah?

Otherwise it seems a good build, with quite nice e-management with watch yourself:)

It would be worth using a major rune on leadership to get it to the breakpoint of 12 so you can get more benefit from shouts/chants.

Mirage CrimsonBlade
30-07-2006, 20:51
Ya I know finale doesn't renew but it lasts a long time and is cheap to recast 5e iirc. I would say see how energy is and if needed lose the 35 life for the extra energy could be a good idea.