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31-07-2006, 14:13

Leadership:15 (11+ 1 Headgear+ 3)
Command:11 (9+2)
Motivation:8 (6+2)
Spear:4 (3+1)

Mending Refrain *Motivation* 5 Energy 1 Activation 8 Recharge.
Echo. For 20 seconds, target ally has +1...3 Health regeneration. This Echo is reapplied every time a Chant or Shout ends on that ally.

"Watch Yourself!" *Tactics* 4 Adrenaline
Shout. Party members near you gain +20 armour for 5...10 seconds.

"Stand Your Ground!" *Command* 5 Energy 45 Recharge.
Shout. For 10...30 seconds, all allies within earshot receive +24 armour when not moving.

Defensive Anthem *Leadership* 15 Energy 1 Activation 25 Recharge.
Chant. For 4...9 seconds, each party member within earshot have a 50% chance to block incoming attacks. This chant ends if that ally hits with an attack skill.
(could swap this for "sheilds up")

Crippling Anthem *Command* 8 Adrenaline 1 Activation.
Chant. For 10 seconds, the next attack skill used by each ally within earshot causes Crippling for 5...13 seconds.

Anthem of Flame *Leadership* 5 Energy 1 Activation 10 Recharge.
Chant. For 10 seconds, the next attack skill used by each ally within earshot also causes Burning for 1...3 seconds.

Barbed Spear *Spear* 3 Adrenaline.
Spear Attack. If this attack hits, your target begins Bleeding for 5...13 seconds.
(You could swap this for any other spear attack that inflicts conditions, but this is the quickest recharge at 3 adrennal)

"Victory is mine!" *Tactics* {E} 5 Energy 15 Recharge
Shout. You gain 10...56 Health and 5 Energy for each Condition suffered by foes within earshot.

Okay I made this with PvE in mind (as that's what I do most of) but i think it might work in PvP too, with som tweaks(at the end) It isnt the same as any of the other builds on the board yet^^

Start of with putting mending Refrain on everyone at the atrt of the mission/quest. Keep this up with anthem of flame every 10 secs(it should cost nothing as long as there are 4 people near you)

When you arive at a fight cast "SYG" and wait for "watch yourself" to charge then use that as well. Keep on casting watch yourself every time it recharges this will also give you free energy. Use defensive anthem whenever you think most people's attack skills will be recharging.

You should still be casting anthem of flame every 10 seconds as well, so when crippling anthen and barbed spear have charged as well use the two anthems then the spear to put 3 condition on the nearest enemy.

Any other warriors, and assasins, and rangers will also be inflicting crippling and burning due to your anthems, so now use ViM to restore any lost health. There should be at least 3 conditions from your spear and probaly another two nearby. When you get better at timing you should be able to do a spear before the anthems the anthems and another spear so you can inflict 4 conditions by yourself. Just kep repeating whilst using your buff shouts at every available point.

For PvP

I would swap "stand your ground" for "sheilds up" as you will be moving more. and Defensive anthem for another spear attack, as defensive has too long a recharge for PvP.


As we dont know what equipment it will get yet, i can only make an educated guess.

I would use a vampiric spear (mending refrain will cover the life degen) of fortitude(to help cover some of the runes) And the sheld i have forgotten that gives +30 health and lowers damage 20% chance.

So what's your thoughts?

31-07-2006, 16:17
It sounds good, but it would require a competent team to understand not to split up. also, maintaining mending refrain on 8 people is not easy, if one person is out of range at the right time he can lose it.

Jhanto Gun
31-07-2006, 17:34
It sounds good, but it would require a competent team to understand not to split up. also, maintaining mending refrain on 8 people is not easy, if one person is out of range at the right time he can lose it.

so true. the main weakness of a paragon is his/her alles must be close to him/her. this creates lots of problem, not only in pvp but pve also specially with henchies. for example a simple ele aoe will mess you up hard (happens to me many times already in pvp). another example is those dervish aoes with lots of conditions will kill you or give you lots of problems.

I think the range have to expand or it will hurt this profession a lot. cant stay together close to each other in hoh and gvg, aoes alone will hurt the team. if they gonna stick with this without expanding the range then a big boost is needed. during the event. I'm better off with spear mastery build than support and have more success (I dont have all the skills though, didnt have much time to play in this event).

anyways, its beta so will see what changes they will do to the new professions. when game is release try this build anyways and see what happen.

01-08-2006, 20:58
yeah, about mending refrai. If you stop keeping it up after the 20 secs, then use shout/chant after that does it not renew it??

Cos thats the way i am reading it but i think i am probably wrong:P

02-08-2006, 23:11
It does not renew it if it falls off after 20 seconds, with no shout ending before that.

Anthem of Flame works fine to keep Mending Refrain up in and out of combat, with it's 5 energy cost, 10 second lasting shout, and 10 second recharge.

Overall, not bad, though you're relying on a lot of adrenaline. I would change Crippling Anthem for another skill that can condition, but uses energy, if it's possible. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure.

03-08-2006, 21:41
Hmm, i ws thinking of switching the barbed spear to lightning one, cos then you will get adrennal faster(due to one less adrennal skill) and even if you are spamming it you really should have NO energy problems. Unles there is a mesmer on your case:P

If you do that though might need a small reshuffle of runes and att points to boost spear damage a bit:D

Or maybe i should be hapy with 4 good attributes alredy:P

04-08-2006, 07:37
Crippling anthem is so getting nerfed -.-