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06-08-2006, 15:38

so here's the deal. I started playing Prophecies 3 months ago and bought Factions a month later. I started this game with a good friend of mine and we were planning on creating a roleplaying (in-character) guild. Thus, we founded the Razorwind Company. However, we didn't really find new members, as we refused to go through town spamming. This meant it was just the two of us and we really didn't get anywhere. So I started looking for another guild. I got in touch with a few other people who were also in the process of creating a new roleplay guild, and I joined. However, that guild soon fell apart due to personal reasons of the guild leader. I founded another guild with another member from that guild, which we named the Bloodsun Division. When my friend came back from vacation, he joined too. However, my co-founder fell seriously ill and my friend doesn't play the game anymore until he gets Factions (Which will be soon). Another failed project.

I found that roleplaying would be a doomed effort and started looking for a normal guild. I found a guild which in itself is a very nice guild, but in my enthusiasm I only discovered that they are American when I had already joined them. The obvious problem is the time difference. They usually get on in the evenings, and now that it's summer vacation I can cope with that to a certain extent, but when school starts again I really can't stay up that late. I figured I can better take my leave now for another guild than wait 3 months and leave when I'm a full-fledged member. So for the sake of actually playing together with a group most of the time, I'm now looking for an European guild.

What I have to offer:

-Dedicated player, willing to dedicate time and effort to the guild.

-Common sense. I can follow orders, I can give orders. I know the drill of the game, I can follow calls. I am prepared before I enter missions. To put it shortly, I'm a solid player. That's not to say I don't have things to learn anymore.

-Talkative. I talk alot. For better or for worse. Both serious issues and just ranting about everything.

What I look for in a guild:

-Mature, intelligent members who also have a sense of humour. Just for the sake of the community spirit and for the sake of actually enjoying the groups/guilds/conversations.

-Both PvE and PvP activity. Pretty straightforward.

-A solid guild roster. As in, enough players that are active so we can actually do something as a guild. Not too big either. 25-35 members preferred.

-Good leadership. Not some arse leader who has a guild for his own gain, but a leader that cares about his guildies progressing through the game and learning stuff. Also a leader who isn't an absolute control freak and knows how to delegate and let his officers do some of his tasks. Also not a complete wuss, but a leader who punishes misbehaviour. Just the general idea of a leader.

-Patience. I know the drill, I can play without problems, but I have a lot to learn, still, especially considering high-end dungeons as Fissure of Woe and Sorrow's Furnace. I also need to develop my general skills, naturally. I'd very much appreciate it if a guild has the patience to let its members do that and not wield a "ZOMG, n00b, u fuked up" attitude.

What would be extra advantages

-Forum/website. For organisation and contact.

-Kurzick. Although I have learned to live with the Luxons, the Kurzicks still are my favourite faction. That's not to say that if you're in a Luxon guild a reply to my post is futile, since the Luxons have their own charms and I'm willing to fight for them too.

-Awesome cape/guild name. Self-explanatory. Screen of your guildcape would be nice in your reply.

What I don't care about:

-Guild ranking. We'll get there ourselves if necesary.

-How awesome your guild hall is.

-How many players have 15k armour. *Insert filler text*

Special request:

As you might've noticed, I started playing this game with a good friend of mine. A Warrior/Ranger with the name Kilburn Ironfist. I'd really appreciate if he can come along. He's more or less like me, so if I seem a good member, he'll be one too. And the other friend who is seriously ill might be willing to join also if she gets better. I'd go as far as to say that if Kilburn Ironfist isn't welcome in your guild, then consider this post not meant for your eyes. (Bwahah, and I say that at the end after you've plowed through all my post. Take that.)

The ill friend has less of a priority at that, since I don't even know if she'll ever play again. She was getting tired of the game anyway.

Thank you for your attention and for any potential responses. You can reach me in-game as Kain Vinetongue or you can also send an e-mail to the adress in my profile if you're interested in me.

Dill Igaf
06-08-2006, 16:34
Check out Wizardy Players Guild at http://4guildwars.7.forumer.com

06-08-2006, 17:11
I am the leader of Heirs To Entropy, we are a European/Kurzick guild with most of the usual things. At the moment we are mostly PvE but hopefully we will soon be starting PvP. We currently have 24 members, several of which are new to the game and several are experienced players, most if not all are helpful and friendly. And while I can't vouch for the others, I can certainly confirm my own sense of humour.
Basically If you and Kilburn were to join I could promise you a friendly atmosphere and good people to talk to, as well as all the help you could need.
There should also hopefully be a picture of my guild's cape at the bottom of the post.
If you are interested in joining you can either pm me (IGN Krath Darklight) or one of my officers (IGNs: Zantek Healer and Opaka Figura). You are, however more likely to recieve response from the officers as I'm in Paris until Thursday, even so please don't let that affect your choice.

ps. hope your friend gets better, being ill really sucks.

Guild Cape:
http://img303.imageshack.us/img303/397/guildcapexe5.png (http://imageshack.us)

06-08-2006, 19:03
After a short conversation I decided to join Heirs to Entropy. Thank you all for your attention.