View Full Version : Dervish, nightfall's assasin, but better ?

critical vengeance
07-08-2006, 18:07
Well talking in game i noticed all the people playing sin are zooming off the walls via beancakes to be able to play the dervish. Since the two new classes will be so popular you will probably see as many dervish as assasins and paragon maybe the new ritualist popular wise. The thing is unlike the assasin, the dervish was made to be in combat, so i don't think they will get so much hate, because as they are now, they can handle themselves pretty well.

Depending on nerfs and such should shape what people thing, i mean warrior's who die A LOT in the beginning of the game don't get super hate simply because their armor stinks then and the monks cannot heal them as well. Hopfully this holds true and paragons and dervishes are not stuck in a couple cookie cutters for the rest of the chapters to come.

In case of new class Apocalypse :

Roll a monk
roll a minion master
roll anything else!
Seek shelter in your parents basement

:grin: So yeah, here's hoping dervishes can be like those all mesmer teams and beat stuff, might come to it :smile:

07-08-2006, 18:51
I think your right. A warrior's job is to hold aggro and stay alive, and the dervishes seem to be good at staying alive, because of some great self heals and a lot of health.

Woop Shotty
07-08-2006, 19:52
The problem that we had with assassins was that it's not a very simple class to handle. People end up playing with players that have difficulty with it and it shows, then people don't want to let them in their groups. The Assassin has to pull off combos in order to be useful as far as damage goes, and its skills need to be set for the specific situation (e.g. conditions, hexed, etc.).

Dervishes don't have to worry about getting all the combo skills so that they can do decent damage. That's one of the things that does not worry me about making a dervish right when Nightfall comes out. I know I'll be welcomed in a group.