View Full Version : what are the ranger iway builds?

Smiting Zealot
08-08-2006, 02:35
my brother wanted to do iway for fun and he hasnt done it in a while and he didnt know the new ones since they kept changing. i know theres a full trapper and oath spirit spammer and oath trapper idk if theyre still used. whats the new builds they use? i remember seeing a r/rt with lively was naomei and a r/e with maelstrom but i didnt know the individual build or name

08-08-2006, 04:17
Oath Shot Trapper..Matyr Trappers..

Almas Darksoul
08-08-2006, 17:35
Martyr trappers are no longer used.
ATM, I believe the current meta is one R/E oath spammer and an R/Rt pure trapper. While I don't know the exact build, I believe it is somewhat similar to:

Oath Shot
Nature's Renewal
Frozen Soil
Edge of Extinction
Energising Winds
Fertile Season
Barbed Trap
Dust Trap

Here, the two traps are used to defend the spirits and the necros. If well placed, a warrior should be forced to overextend to kill spirits, so condition removal will be delayed (or the rival prot will have to leave wards, increasing the potential pressure on them). Rez Sig is sometimes taken on this char, and sometimes not - it varies from group to group. Often the fact that there are 6 other signets and 1 hard rezz means that it is not necessary on this character, however.

Serpent's Quickness
Whirling Defense
Spike Trap
Dust Trap
Barbed Trap
Flame Trap
Viper's Nest
Lively Was Naomi

Mr Dbest
08-08-2006, 17:43
What i've seen lately from when i've been playing is that they also run a R/E as a Maelstrom trapper...where the maelstrom and traps are for effective disruption .... =]

Almas Darksoul
08-08-2006, 19:10
Yeah, you're right about Maelstrom, probably replacing barbed trap. I was a little confused while posting that, a side effect of lurking forums while playing ;p.