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critical vengeance
13-08-2006, 18:04
I have no real clue what to make it's purpose, but i think it helps energy managment for a lot of people for the most part.

1 Aria of Power

25 energy cost 1 second activate 45 recharge
For 10-40 seconds, each ally within earshot gains 2 Energy regeneration until that ally casts a spell.

2 anthem of Flame 5 cost 1 activate 10 recharge

For 10 seconds, the next attack skill used by each ally within earshot also causes Burning for 1-3 seconds.

3 Glowing Signet

If target foe is Burning, you gain 5-15 Energy. None None 20 recharge

4 Never Surrender!

For 10 seconds, all allies within earshot and bellow 50% Health gain, + 1-8 Health regeneration. 5 energy cost None 20 recharge

5 Energizing Chorus

For 10 seconds, the next Shout or Chant used by each ally within earshot costs - 3-7 Energy. 4 (adrenal) 1 second activate None

6 Stand your Ground!

For 10-35 seconds, all allies within earshot receive +24 armor when not moving. 5 energy cost None 45 recharge

7 Cautery Signet
All party members lose all Conditions. You are set on Fire for 1 second for each Condition removed in this way. This is an elite skill. None 2 second activation 15 second recharge

8 rez

-Ok bascially start off with aria of power to get you and pretty much anyone who doesn't use spells with +2 energy regeneration

-energizing chorus is pretty much there so in mid battle you can activate it to lessen the cost of whatever

-Use athem of flame in combination of glowing signet to help manage your energy

- use never surrender if your party is starting to fall asleep at the switch and keep them alive

-use stand your ground to help all allies not moving, such as the warrior and dervishes

-use cautery signet when your allies have a lot of condition on them and ping to make sure you monk can mend ailment or another condition removing skill

- Use your rez of some sort to bring an ally back to life, chances are if you don't bring a rez you will get screwed over by everyone dieing and them rage quiting

Anyway yeah it seems like a intresting pve build

1 think i noticed... it seems kinda hard to do a lot of shouts and echos and chants, while using spear mastery, one thing i kind of didn't like too much if how rangers can pretty much dominate spears, unlike daggars which was kinda like so so, paragon vs ranger kinda makes ranger win a lot simply because lower energy and you can use tigers fury so much easier... ugg well rangers don't have paragon's primary at least :grin:

15-08-2006, 13:31
Ok, the build is weird. Let me explain a few problems:

1: Anthem of Flame will not trigger without an attack skill, so as it stands, it's useless for yourself. You need to add in one. Personally, I like Stunning Strike[E], because Anthem of Flame allows it to trigger Daze.

2. Energizing Chorus is a waste. If your allies are nearby(At least 3), you get 4 energy with 8 Leadership, which is fine energy management within itself. You also have Glowing Signet, which is overkill.

3. If you swap Energizing Chorus with Stunning Strike, then Anthem of Flame and Glowng signet have a use. You burn, Daze, and can gain energy if fast enough.

4: Aira of Power is lackluster and hard to cast midbattle. Seriously, all your build focuses on in here is managing energy for... nothing.

5: Cautery Signet is nice, but you can use Anthem of Purification, or however it's called, for Condition removal.

6: "Never Surrender" 's healing isn't too great. It's meant to be backup.

All in all, Switch a few things, because Anthem of Flame will NOT trigger in this, and there is NO offense OR healing. Where is the use?

critical vengeance
15-08-2006, 14:10
1.4.>_> Well won't the athem of flame trigger when your allies use an attack skill... i mean the paragon should have a team. Concept build probably won't be realy great. Aria of power yes it is expensive but that one reason i had glowing signet because when the warriors or a barrage ranger lights people on fire you can activate it then for a pretty decent thing. I mean you give all the non spell caster +2 energy regen.

2 energizing chorus i picked because i couldn't think of anything
3 yeah but then i got to split the points even more.
5 er you remove all conditions with cautery signet, all from your team for 1 condition, burning. Which is much easier to remove then about 10 widespread all over your team.
6 Which is why i brought it.. did hear the part of asleep at the switch? yes i have seen people go afk in battle including healers, +8 regen isn't anything to laugh at.

Why need offense when you help supply the offence, remove conditions, add armor, help people stay alive, all really except energizing chorus here would work well if that's what you are doing.

Akirai Annuvil
16-08-2006, 21:47
Energizing Chorus and Stand Your Ground seem misplaced here, you've propably got enough energy management and I'm thinking the metagame will change to make mobility a bigger issue (running out of the AoE of Dervishes while staying inside the AoE of your Paragon, while avoiding any AoE spells being focused on him/her) so Stand Your Ground isn't that grea, imo.
Although I doubt you'll need them one or two attack skills (preferably adrenaline based of course) would help to give you a controlled way to inflict on fire on the enemy thus giving you more control of the situation. Control is a good thing :) Maybe a crippling skill or some such? Also I think Cautery Signet would be nerfed to hell and back (yes I'm exaggerating) and then your team support is a little weak for a paragon.

16-08-2006, 22:27
IMO there're too many e-management on this build. Aria of Power is okay, there's another one that gives people energy the next time they cast a spell, you can bring that. Those 2 should be enough for most situations (aria of power works on yourself), and leaves you with 5 - 6 skill slots, which you can use for other purpose, like giving more offensive or defensive chants, heal, or spear.