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18-08-2006, 01:50
I must admit, I ignored the Paragon during the beta weekend. Since I didn't really try the class out, this idea is pure speculation for now. I can't seem to complete a full build yet for some reason, so I'll put out the main concept to get some feedback from you good people on its potential:

Energy Fountain (Pa/Me)

Mantra of Inscriptions: Up to -50% recharge on all signets (stance)
Lyric of Zeal: For 10s, teammates get up to +10E if a signet is used (6A adrenal chant)
<Burning skill>: needed for next skill
Glowing Signet: receive up to +16E if targeting a Burning foe (0E cost, 20s recharge)

So let's say you are in MoS stance, you've charged up six adrenal units and you've set an enemy on fire. If you target that Burning foe, you can input Lyric of Zeal->Glowing Signet for a max +25E (+9 at L12 for LoZ, and +16 at L16 for GS). That's a net +25E because those two skills cost no energy.

How often can you do it? Well LoZ only needs adrenaline, so looking at GS's 20s recharge you can get that down to around 12s recharge with decent MoI stance stats. Earning a net +25E every 12s would be pretty crazy if it all worked in a decent build, even though you're restricted to Mesmer and Paragon skills to spend the energy on. Think anything can be done with this concept?

18-08-2006, 04:20
This is a cool idea, but I don't think using up half your skill bar for energy isn't very practical. I'd love to use this with Aria of Power, but with Aria of Power you only need 25 energy every 45 seconds. Paragon skills don't seem that expensive, especially considering Leadership (there are also quite a few energy management skills like the ones you meantioned, Leader's Pride, and various chants). It might work with some of the more expensive Mesmer skills, but I haven't been a Mesmer long enough to know this.

Just as a note Paragons might make pretty good batteries!

18-08-2006, 08:35
I think the small glimpse of skills we got at the Nightfall preview event hides a lot and reveals a lot. There are a LOT of Paragon skills that deal with burning, and there are quite a few skills that we saw that dealt out the burning required to active the skills that required burning, but...I think there are more Paragon skills that could add the burning condition.

Oh hmm, forgot to say I don't think the build of the OP is very practical since +25 E is a lot. And with 3 skills left Idk what you could do with 25 energy. Maybe Conjure Nightmare but I don't know what attribute line that's under.

critical vengeance
18-08-2006, 16:12
If something of the paragon required that much energy i could see it being really great. Nice combo, but almost doesn't seem worth it. Maybe we will see some large energy skills besides aria of power though.

19-08-2006, 19:22
neat idea but I'd rather just use mantra of recall + inspired hex+ revealed hex. Then at least you can remove hexes and you are still taking up the same number of skill slots.

Glowing signet seems a bit iffy to me because most burning conditions only last 3 seconds. Any bit of lag could make you miss it.

only thing that I can really see lyric of zeal being good for is a blood spike group. Have paragon in HoH that spams it and have necros use barbed signet every time they get low on energy.

20-08-2006, 23:09
Well, if you are the person supplying the Burning, then there is no problem getting GlowSig to work 100% of the time. But to compare your setup with mine:

Yours: net +38E every 20s
Mine: net +42E every 20s

The big things to consider is my setup is completely dependant on what I do (unless I am gimped by the enemy of course). If I don't have Rust or Diversion or something like that preventing me from doing the combo, I should be able to execute the skills everytime with no issues for maximum energy-per-second (EPS) gains.

Yours on the other hand is completely dependant on the enemy supplying two Hexes to remove every 20s. If they aren't Hexing, then your EPS goes down drastically. Mine doesn't worry about that; it's all up to me.

21-08-2006, 02:05
Maybe if the Paragon or one of the core professions gets like a battery skill that's a spike. Like instead of being a battery like a necromancer with BiP and stuff one that transfers your own energy to someone else's or part of it, like infuse health except with energy.

I don't see a need for 42E per 20 seconds though, unless there is an energy battery spike skill.