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27-08-2006, 11:33

I have a character on the original Guild Wars and yesterday I brought Factions.

I'm not sure how this will work (I havn't played factions yet).

I know that I can use my existing character to travel between the two continents but what I don't understand is, if I traveled my lvl 20 ranger across to cantha.. what happens then?

Where does that character start? surely it can't start from the beginning as the lvl 20 would dominate everything, or does my character start playing lvl 20 quests and missions?

Now if I create a new character in factions, I start at lvl 1, and would work my way up which is fine.

Basically I like my old character, but at the same time I want to experience Factions from the beginning so I want to see the early quests and missions.

27-08-2006, 11:40
You end up at a city on the mainland, Kaineng Center, which is the city you get to around lvl 20 if you start from lvl 1. Talk to sergio firstwatch in lions arch to get the quest to go there.

Happiness is a Dog
27-08-2006, 12:23
As IvI has said, you'll be taken to Kaineng, a city filled with a maxed-out skills trainer, Droknar-leveled armors, and quests against lvl20+ foes. For your old character, it won't be a complete domination.
If you choose to start off a new character, he/she will be taken to an offshore island aka "Newbie-land" with weaken monsters and guides to help you around. I believe even your old character has access to this island, whose name escapes me, but to none of it's quests.

Lais Irideika
27-08-2006, 14:18
The name of newbie island in Factions is called "Shing Jea Island"

You can get your Prophecies character there by talking to one of the dockmasters, accessed by going through one of the left-hand side portals in Kaineng city (I think).

It's useless to get to Shing Jea with a level 20 character however, because you will gain no XP. It was only worth it during the Dragon Festival, if you wanted access to the festivities and the goodies, like the Dragon Mask.

28-08-2006, 18:54
ACTUALLY, there is a quest that any character may do in Haiju Lagoon. Find Baasong at the lower part of Linkei Township and listen to his story. You will then need to slay the Bog Beast down at the island in the lagoon. I think the quest rewards 3K xp.

28-08-2006, 19:03
Also if you plan on using your Prophecies character in Factions make sure to add the Factions key to the pre-existing account and not to install it seperately. The accounts must be linked at the time of install in order for characters to be able to travel back and forth between Chapters.

28-08-2006, 19:14
You may also want to take your characters to this island if you want to get a protector or map make title, there are 2 missions on this island.

28-08-2006, 19:49
Ok, In factions...Can you get to level 30?

People say you can but theres loads of factions people in the prophecies campaign, and iv'e never seen a level 30...Explanation?

Tavari Tinde
28-08-2006, 19:52
Ok, In factions...Can you get to level 30?

People say you can but theres loads of factions people in the prophecies campaign, and iv'e never seen a level 30...Explanation?

No, you cannot get to level 30. The level cap is, and most likely will stay, 20.

Drec Sutal
28-08-2006, 19:56
The level cap will always be 20. Adding attribute points or health after that would totally unbalance the game. You allready get skill points after 20. Therefor any level after twenty would be cosmetic... and they could just make a 10 million xp title (aka sir-farm-alot title). Alternitivly they could more spread out the HP and attribute point gains, but that would just be more grind to lvl twenty, which they could do just by alltering XP requierments WAY easier.