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Echo Darkwynd
01-09-2006, 10:18
I've been experimenting with the idea of a team build that can apply all 9 conditions in a short amount of time and cause enough hex pressure to prevent Fragility from being removed. This is what I've come up with so far:

4-Man-4-Skill Spike

Soul Barbs
Fetid Ground
Rotting Flesh
Discord {E}
? Consume Corpse
? Windborne Speed
? Gale
Res Sig

Recurring Insecurities {E}
Accumulated Pain
Enfeebling Blood
? Shadow of Fear
? Soul Barbs (#2)
? Drain Enchant
Res Sig

R/E - Must have FIRE Bow!!!
Mark of Rodgort
Hunters Shot
Broad Head Arrow {E}
Pin Down
? Seeking Arrows
? Distracting Shot
? Immolate
Res Sig

Earthquake/Dragon's Stomp
Ash Blast
Dark Prison
Crystal Wave/Teinai's Crystals
? Ward Against Melee
? Ward Of Stability
? Assassin's Promise {E}
Res Sig

=== Pre-Spike ===

Spread an AoE cover hex to hide the spike target from healers.

=== Spike Skill #1 ===
Me) Fragility
N) Soul Barbs
R) Mark of Rodgort (Burning)
E) Earthquake (Knockdown)

=== Spike Skill #2 ===
Me) Recurring Insecurities
N) Fetid Ground (Poison)
R) Hunters Shot (Bleeding)
E) Ash Blast (Blindness)

=== Spike Skill #3 ===
Me) Accumulated Pain (Deep Wound)
N) Rotting Flesh (Disease)
R) Broad Head Arrow (Dazed)
E) Dark Prison

=== Spike Skill #4 ===
Me) Enfeebling Blood (Weakness)
N) Discord
R) Pin Down (Cripple)
E) Crystal Wave

=== Post Spike ===
Spam hexes, conditions, and Discord until target dies.

Math Break

If Soul Barbs lands first, each successive hex (or Enchantment) deals 27 damage (@12 Curses). Fragility deals 17 damage (@12 Illusion) for each condition lost or gained (+1x SB). Mark of Rodgort triggers burning on fire damage (+1x SB, +2x Frag - Burning on and off). Earthquake causes AoE knockdown and 100 Earth damage (@12 Earth). Recurring Insecurities doubles SB damage for each successive hex (+1x SB, for itself). Fetid Ground deals 55 cold damage (@12 Death) and causes poison (+2x Frag). Hunters shot deals physical damage (lets say 20 avg per hit) and causes bleeding (+2x Frag). Ash Blast deals 36 Earth damage and causes blindness (2X Frag). Accumulated Pain deals 30 damage and causes deep wound (+2x Frag). Rotting Flesh causes disease (+2x Frag). Broad Head Arrow deals physical damage (~20) and causes daze (+2x Frag). Dark Prison is a hex (+2x SB) and teleports the Ele into range. Enfeebling Blood causes Weakness (+2x Frag). Discord deals 63 damage. Pin Down deals physical damage (~20) and causes Cripple (+2x Frag). Crystal Wave deals 100 armor-ignoring damage and removes any left over conditions (frag damage already counted).

That totals 306 (2x9x17) Fragility damage + and 135 (5*27) Soul Barbs damage + 136 Earth Damage + ~60 Physical Damage + 55 Cold Damage + 193 armor ignoring damage = 885 HP in direct damage. With all 9 conditions, that has potential to add up -18 degen and a 20% maximum HP loss.

Since the Elementalist is probably diseased and adjacent to the target, they will be rapidly reinfected.

Possible Backline

Spirit Walk
Consume Soul {E}
Blind was Mingson (Blind)
Return (Cripple)
? Weapon Spells and/or Spirits

Oath Shot {E}
Arcane Mimicry
Fragility (#2)
Whirling Defense
? Traps and/or Spirits

2x Monks

What kind of troubles would this build run into in HA? What can be done about it?

What would work best to fill-in the missing skills?

Almas Darksoul
02-09-2006, 17:03
Firstly, a LARGE portion of the spike is based on the Earthquake hitting. Secondly, the spike takes a very long period of time (4 casts per person of varying speed) meaning that it will be easy to infuse + use heal other/dwayna's kiss to outheal. Healing Hands will completely negate the spike, and some (~20%) of infuse monks run it now. The spikes will be infrequent with no pressure in between.

As for a backline, if you're set on running this... I'd recommend a ritualist with Doom, and a standard 3mo backline.

Xunlai Agent
02-09-2006, 17:37
Yeah lots of hex removal...

02-09-2006, 20:49
I messed around with a 3 man group using fragility and found that even though mark of rodgort said the burning would last only 1 second it would always last 2 or 3.

The 3 man group was this:

Me/E with frag and mark of rodgort with some other stuff for energy management. Very LOW fire. Might have had enervating charge too. Elite was energy drain, also had energy tap and glyph of lesser.

R/Me with 0 marks for a 1 second crip shot, a fiery bow and 0 wilderness for a 2-3 second poison.

R/A with 0 dagger mastery who would do jagged strike, temple strike and twisting fangs.

While doing the frag damage could kill someone quick it just got owned to much by interrupts and hex removal. Also there wasn't enough defense in the build. Two characters that could add defense AND somehow help the fraggers could not be found. It owned IWAY but that doesn't say much. We tried two hexers and 3 monks, an earth ele and fire ele and 3 monks, two warriors... Never tried two choking gas rangers though, they weren't used back when I tried this.

That is what the results of my experiment were, use the information however you want.