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Ranger Nietzsche
01-09-2006, 17:18
So in keeping with my other two threads, about Tyria (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?p=4355841#post4355841) and cantha (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=400768)

And using the methods currently under discussion there I have determined the size of the battle isles map. This was definately the easiest one and the most accurate, as it had one less ratio necessary for the calculation. It also provided interesting obstacles, like finding a stretch of land where I wouldn't get a windborne on me and ruin the experiment.

This is the distance over which I ran in 15 seconds.


The ratio between this distance and the horizontal size of the battle isles map is 1:24. The vertical ratio is 1:21. This gives a horizontal:vertical ratio of 1.14:1, which is in keeping with the ratios from the tyrian and canthan maps (1.18 and 1.29).

This gives a running time for the full traversal of the battle isles map of 6 minutes horizontally and 5.25 minutes vertically.

The ratios of the vertical axes between Tyria and the battle isles and the horizontal axes of the same should be equal. They are 1:7.58 and 1:7.33 respectively. The similar case is for battle isles and cantha, where they are 1:5.76 and 1:5.08.

The ratio of the battle isles to Tyria is then roughly 1:7.5

Drec Sutal
26-09-2006, 23:20
Didn't we have a discussion in your other thread about using scorpion wire for a more acurate measure? Did you ever do that? :P