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05-09-2006, 06:40
Here's a build i designed (and that got improved as we played with feedback from allies ofc) that we ran to good success during the 6 men event, so since it's not over yet but i won't be able to play it anymore i'll post it here if anyone wanna try it out. It's very fun, and can surprise even the best teams (we beat a lot of top 100 guild with it, including WM/EvIL, STD/cow, and a lot of high rank team with some good guild players in them). Must've made a good 250 fame out of it since event started. We didn't get to HoH, but we got up to 6 conseq (then err7 on a Necro =/ We might've got to hall on this one since this happened in Courtyard and we didn't lack much damage to actually get altar)

It doesn't work against every build for sure, and it's not perfectly balanced and covering everything. It was mostly meant as a fun build, that is good too if all you want is fame farm as it rarely loses in the first 3 maps. It's not that easy to play well at first to win against good teams, but works quite well when handled properly and using appropriate strategy for each map (for example in Broken Tower if you try to cap first and go on altar, you're dead. You gotta stay below and spike people, even sometimes leaving someone die repeatedly to raise golems to have an army and push up with it).

Here's the build:

Every necro has these stats:

16 Death
9 Soul Reaping
10 Secondary Attribute

and these skills

Flesh Golem
Deathly Swarm
Bitter Chill

Then you have:

1) N/Mo Heal

10 Healing

Heal Other
Heal Area
Heal Party
Rez Signet

2) N/Mo Prot

10 Prot

Spirit Bond
Animate Bone Fiends
Verata's Gaze
Rez Signet

3) N/E Warder

10 Earth

Ward against Melee
Ward against Foes
Death Nova
Taste of Death
Rez Signet

4-5) N/Rt

Weapon of Warding
Spirit Transfer
Generous was Tsungrai
Spirit Light/Mend Body and Soul (one each)
Flesh of my Flesh

6) Rt/Me

15 Communing
12 Spawning
6 Inspiration

Boon of Creation
Ritual Lord
Mantra of Resolve

The main idea is that you spike a target at first doing Deathly Swarm + Bitter Chill. Well timed, it's close to a straight kill. Then you raise a Flesh Golem, call another target and just nuke away. Necros must focus, but you don't need perfect spike everytime, it's pressure damage from there on really (Deathly Swarm hits all over the place for pretty high damage).

While some teams can seem very hard to beat at first hand, like dual smite, ranger interrupters, etc. the thing is even if you fail your spike and they start killing you first, you can raise your Flesh Golems from your teammates and keep nuking. Even team that have cc can't get all corpses all the time, and you try to spike that necro first to kill him or force him to retreat a bit at least. You can get pet corpses from thumpers, etc. Corpses abound usually. In 8v8 it could be more of a problem, but many teams in 6v6 have low cc and you can get a lot of corpses. You have 2 hard rezzer for that reason, because sometimes the best strategy is to sacrifice one of your necro and never heal him (usually it's the warder since he just has to rez, ward, and die since he has no heal anyway) in order to have an increased amount of corpses.

Once Flesh Golems start, it's just crazy pressure. You got up to 5 of them hitting for 60-120 around while you throw Deathly Swarm and 4 spirits are attacking, and you can add Bone Fiends to that. It's an army that is very hard to stop, and the interrupt rangers that were interrupting you all the time and killing you with their pressure a minute ago now have to stop hitting to kite because they're getting smashed from all sides.

It's a very fun build that is really worth trying out while the event is still there, since i'm not perfectly sure it'll be viable once 8v8 comes back. I already got a setup to adapt it, but i'm not convinced it'll work and we'll have to see then!

If some teams already ran something similar, great. I'm not stupid enough to think i'm the first one to think of the idea and that i 'invented' anything, but i designed what's up there and i just put it there so maybe others can have fun with it. So don't bother with something like 'omg newb that build was invented by X guild', great if others ran it before and thought of something like that, though i doubt it had that exact setup since i don't remember ever seeing a N/Rt used as spike/healer. What i can say is that it's great fun to play and made for some very fun times in HA, like beating WM/EvIL's balanced followed by a rank 10-12 NR/Tranq ranger pressure team in Scarred Earth back to back. Enjoy if you try it out!

kabu to
05-09-2006, 06:51
You've got Death Nova listed twice for your N/E Warder.

What should be in that slot?

05-09-2006, 07:17
You've got Death Nova listed twice for your N/E Warder.

What should be in that slot?

Wow, thx for pointing that out before i couldn't edit anymore lol, it was the main spell that was bad. Only the Warder has Death Nova.

The spike consists of Deathly Swarm followed by Bitter Chill (which i wrote as Death Nova... that would've been a pretty bad spike unless you go kill yourself!). Since Deathly Swarm 'hovers' on your target a sec before it deals damage, Bitter Chill hits nearly at the same time, doing for around 150 elemental damage from everyone. It's affected by armor, but all in all it's still a 750 elemental damage spike which can kill anything except warriors and rangers straight if they don't have some protection for it. And Deathly Swarm goes to hit 2 more target for around 400 damage (total for the 5) too, which adds huge pressure in the long run.

The build is really about high chaotic pressure. You got a spike to focus fire with, but after that you got Deathly Swarm flying around, golems bashing at random, spirits hitting at random, and it just piles up and by focusing (and switching target when your target gets protted) the part of the damage you can you start piling kills and making more golems. The build just gets stronger and stronger as the fight goes on and crazy comeback can happen. We beat a dual smite once from a very good guild after having 2 guys at 45% DP (and most of the rest of the team highly DPed too) before we even get a single kill. But then we had 5 Flesh Golems + 8 Fiends and they just couldn't keep killing us while being hit by all that.

05-09-2006, 14:41
Gret build.

One comment I have is that the Offensive Ritualist Spirits were very strong in the 6v6 HA environment.

05-09-2006, 23:43
Had a lot of fun and some good times this weekend with you and this build Pat, as well as holding with dual smite+your assassin. I thought that the Rit was Rt/W with shields up since 90% of interrupts this weekend are from rangers, but w.e, MoR works too. BTW, just realized you might not recognize me because my name here is different from the name I used playing with my guild/you. I was the necro that err7ed at courtyard ;D. I don't feel confident giving my name out on these forums >_>. If you still don't recognize me, pm me. :)

Nobleman Azure
06-09-2006, 04:22
this build is fun. But you bored me pat by making me the communing rt. You know I dont like boring clicky clicky clicky skill builds.

The revenge was making my name Pat looks like Togo. Too bad we never won HoH

"Pat looks like Togo's team has won the Hall of Heroes and keeps the favor of the gods for America."

13-09-2006, 11:17
Gret build.

One comment I have is that the Offensive Ritualist Spirits were very strong in the 6v6 HA environment.

offensive spirit spammers are VERY stronge..people have a slow time recgnozing that... restoration is way better at protecting then the communing defensive spirit side in a hero ascent setting.

13-09-2006, 11:22
o if you add 1 saccer and a rezmesmer then you have a good old fashioned minion factory before the match ^_^.

14-09-2006, 09:23
All I can say is that I was spellbound the first time I played with Pat on this build. Very top props.

15-09-2006, 17:05
Yes I faced that build. I saw Bella Anima's team and was expecting bspike. No offense Bella :p ...I knew that character was a necro. We were running dual smite with 4 pug'ed members. However, we had lil' corpse control and that was with me. With my death flesh golems started to reign.

After that match, however, we never had problems facing this build. It is quite an original build that can stun you when you face it the first time.

Props to Pac and the team who executed it :p

- Vela

15-09-2006, 19:46
Yes I faced that build. I saw Bella Anima's team and was expecting bspike. No offense Bella :p ...I knew that character was a necro.
None taken. :tongue: But for future reference, when we're playing blood spike I'm very rarely playing one of the necros. If I'm on my necro it's usually smite or NR/Tranq. :wink:

11-10-2006, 16:31
have you played this build at all in the new 6v6? Have you modified it with more altar utility?

15-10-2006, 02:22
I really hope this build is run in 6v6 now.