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05-09-2006, 18:08
Has anyone seen the skill "Avatar of Melandru" for the Dervish (Elite Form. For 1-60 seconds, you have +200 Health, you are unaffected by Conditions, and your attacks deal earth damage. This skill is disabled for 120 seconds.)? think of the Burning Isle's lava. If I remember right, it gives you Crippled and Burning, both of which are conditions. combine it with sprint and you've got the ultimate runner in the history of Guild Wars!

05-09-2006, 18:57
..........and why would you be running through the Ring of Fire?

05-09-2006, 19:34
I do think that Dervishes will make good runners. But I think the Avatar of Balthazar will make for a better running build. 33% speed boost for a minute or so? Eeep.

critical vengeance
05-09-2006, 20:15
if you would max out mysticism and fire magic you could have an awesome runner, avatar of melandru with burning speed

Burning Speed For 5 seconds, you are set on fire and move 30-42% faster. When Burning Speed ends, all adjacent foes are set on fire for 3-8 seconds. 10 1/4 None

You not only run almost always 42% faster, but don't get lit on fire due to the form.

If you get 6 or so energy back you only lose about 4, which in 5 seconds should be almost recovered, don't forget the energy energy wands and stuff though :P Sounds like it should rock, except hexes might screw you over.

06-09-2006, 03:09
He's talking about the Burning Isle guild hall not the Ring of Fire.
Avatar of Melandru + Speed Boost + something to defend or heal against those large burning titans = great gvg idea, nice :thumbsup: .

Hlub Koj
06-09-2006, 04:36
let me point out that avatar of melandu is a skill from the dervish primary attribute, without any points in it it only last one sec. And sprint is a strength attribute skill, which would only last 5 sec? without any points. It cant possibly work well together.

On the other hand a D/R with avatar of melandu and running skills like storm chaser, or run as one would work great.

i can already see them running droks :grin:

Fenix Aurion
07-09-2006, 03:03
I do think that Dervishes will make good runners. But I think the Avatar of Balthazar will make for a better running build. 33% speed boost for a minute or so? Eeep.
I second that.
Btw, I think that in a way D/Mo will replace the wammo runners.

07-09-2006, 13:16
why people run with W/Mo anyway is beyond me...

07-09-2006, 14:15
why people run with W/Mo anyway is beyond me...
Balanced Stance and "Charge!".

07-09-2006, 17:16
And Holy Veil and Mend Condition (Ailment? whichever one you can use on yourself, I forget at the moment) and...

Woop Shotty
07-09-2006, 23:32
I didn't see how dervishes could be great runners at first. Avatars serve different purposes like hex and condition removal. Then there's Vow of Silence which will be especially good when going through places with slowing hexes.

Running to Deldrimor War Camp should be easier now, and one place I had thought about was Scoundrel's Rise where the mergoyle wavebreakers slow down the run greatly.

I know that running Tyria is not very difficult at all, but Dervish runners it seems will be able to cut down run times a very noticeable amount.

10-09-2006, 02:45
..........and why would you be running through the Ring of Fire?

he means in gvg

Count Chocula V
14-09-2006, 17:15
I'm also pretty interested in Avatar of Melandru's affect on GvG. However the max energy of a dervish is pretty low, 25 or 30 I think. Making it tough to have them do much else. A flag runner in GvG is a ultility character when not capping the flag. I'm not sure the Dervish could give the same amount of Ultity as a Cripshot, or a Blind Bot ele or a Water Snare Ele.

As for the running boost, use windbourne speed+melandru's avatar. But I am worried about its two minute recharge. If not timed PERFECTLY you would have to run without it, becuase normally you run flags in under two minutes, in order to insure the opposite team doesnt get a boost. So it might not be active each time you need it, leaving you somewhat weak, and now that the entire reason for running with a Derv (the avatar) is gone, people will be missing the Heal Party's, the snares, and/or interrupts.

I really want to see a Derv as a runner, but I'm starting to think it would better as a base NPC ganker. But i'm not quite sure yet, we wont know the final skill sats until the game is released, and even then the next two weeks will be skill changes left and right.

Archlich Necrosaro
14-09-2006, 19:00
IMO i think rangers make the best runners. Sure they don't have balanced stance unless they get warrior seccondary but look at the running skills. Between factions and prophecies i have 4 running skills including one elite. And at level 15 now i ran the whole desert just about. only need to uncover alittle bit more of vulture drifts and i've explored just about the whole desert. I take henchies with me for meat shields and the rest of the time i just run. Went from droks north to the outpost. I've gotton to ice caves of sorrow and currently plan on running from ascalon to yaks and all towns between there. I plan on mastering the drok's run with my ranger and when i do i'll be happy as it'll be eas y money for me. Not to mention easy fow armor.

EDIT: On topic, i played the dervish on the pvp event thing and I have to admit the melandru avatar was pretty nice. 700hp is nothing to scoff at. I'm thinking that the Dervish will be the new hp tank and will replace warriors. just think of doing rotscale or even fow with a dervish tank. It'll make me happy having one. I haven't tried the avatar of grenth or the others but i think they might be just as fun.

Woop Shotty
14-09-2006, 21:41
But Archlich you aren't seeing why a Dervish can do better. They can be resistent to conditions and hexes, so they can do better than other types of runners running in certain zones. And since the skills that make dervish running possible are in mysticism no need for changing up attributes from one outpost and another. Just switch out the elite form and you should be ready to go. You can minimize running time with a dervish. You can definitely be a D/R to run.

critical vengeance
14-09-2006, 23:08
is there a shortcut on the lava gvg map for the flagstand by any chance?

Count Chocula V
15-09-2006, 14:10
No, in fact the Lava is the shortcut on the Burning Isle Map in GvG. If you where to take the winding upper path, it would take too long, and eventually the enemy would out-pace you with the flag.

Also I wouldnt worry too much about PvE running, if Factions was any hint, they are working on killing it almost completely. in that you must complete quests and/or missions to advance through the areas. Not just running for the zones. PvE running was only good cash WAY BACK IN THE DAY, it hasnt been good in over a year in prohpecies, and especially in factions, and no doubt it will be nearly non-existent in Nightfall.

Running in GvG will be around for a very long time, as the flag stand is a crucial center point to the entire match. You think your a good PvE runner? Try giving flag running a try, your natural refelxes at dodging and kiting mobs will help you to anticiapte enemy blocks. While you have to keep alot of your survival resting on the team's monks, your movements and select skills mean the difference between life and death.

In GvG, runners are getting more and more attention (its no longer "just running the flag"), it is being taken seriously and its time to tap the PvE runner potential. Give it a try sometime!

critical vengeance
15-09-2006, 15:52
sounds like more of a recruitment. So even with the avatar the lava path would take to long huh, well that's not cool :P

Count Chocula V
16-09-2006, 23:45
No the lava path is fast, its not slow at all. It is the normal route for all runners on that map. And a Melandru's Avatar and a speed boost would give you an insane edge....that is if you could use it each time you go across the lava, but the recharge/disable will make it too tough to use every time.