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critical vengeance
07-09-2006, 01:11
from the gamespot article


The Paragon
The paragon isn't meant to be a frontline fighter. Instead, the paragon is best suited in a support role as a battle commander, capable of supporting teammates by throwing spears and using verbal chants and shouts that can boost the fighting abilities of those nearby. And the paragon's angelic nature isn't just aesthetic, as this profession's presence can help teammates resist hexes and other curses.

It's easy to identify paragons on the battlefield, thanks to their angelic look. Even the paragon's armor is saintly in appearance, thanks to the incorporation of ivory and mother of pearl in its materials. And if that weren't enough, a paragon's metal armor usually has the form of wings engraved in it. It's no wonder that the Elonians in the game believe that paragons are guardian angels sent by the gods to serve as champions for the people.

When this was first written i can assume they did not have much information. Still who else thought a month or whatever it was ago, that the primary attribute would have some impact of some sort if you were in range of your allies to reduce hex duration or other effect. Who knows, they could have been talking about :

For 20 seconds, the next 1-3 skills used by each ally within earshot remove one Condition from that ally.

Purifying Finale


For 10-35 seconds, target ally loses one Condition whenever a Chant or Shout ends on that ally.

Hexbreaker Aria


For 10 seconds, the next time each ally within earshot casts a spell that ally loses 1 Hex.

If they had to write something up and somehow knew some of the paragon skills, i could agree with them to make that in the article. Still i got to admit, they were pretty accurate on the dervish. Still what did you all think/have all thought.

Mr Panda
07-09-2006, 07:46
Yeah, from what was said, I did sort of expect a passive dehexing ability of some kind.

07-09-2006, 11:52
i dont exactly know what you try to post here.
But the quote is exactly what i experienced in the pvp event.

critical vengeance
07-09-2006, 20:19
i dont exactly know what you try to post here.
But the quote is exactly what i experienced in the pvp event.

the fact they might have ditched the idea for passive hex removal or lower the hex in some way. That's what i ment and bolded.

07-09-2006, 20:54
Hex removal is cool with me, but something rubs me wrong when they can also get rid of conditions.

Fenix Aurion
10-09-2006, 01:04
I dont really care. I still want to try out an offensive spear paragon even if their main purpose is to be supportive. Of course I won't be in frontlines, I guess I'll sorta be like an extra ranger on the team.