View Full Version : Upcoming Weekend fun!

13-09-2006, 19:07
From www.guildwars.com -

During the upcoming weekend—September 15th through 17th—Alliance Battles will receive a boost. You'll receive double Balthazar faction for all kills, double Kurzick/Luxon faction for all kills, and double Kurzick/Luxon faction for all wins. In addition, the battle line movement will be accelerated and the line will be seen to shift hourly, rather than every three hours. Join in the fun starting at Noon PDT on Friday, September 15th.

Pretty similar to the previous double faction in alliance battle weekend, except this time, you receive balthazar faction as well. Also, battle line moment will be accelarated by a pretty large amount. Get ready Luxons and Kurzicks, this will be one pretty hard-fought weekend...