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18-09-2006, 03:03
is the story online like with the henchmen but there is other real ppl you see or is the story just completly not online

18-09-2006, 03:14
completely 100% online, and with a very large, very friendly community of real people :)

Quintus Antonius
18-09-2006, 03:42
Do not double post, and do not bump your own threads.

18-09-2006, 03:46
completely 100% online, and with a very large, very friendly community of real people :)

correction: completely 100% online and with a very large, mostly friendly community consisting of lots of real people and some bots.

The Pointless
18-09-2006, 18:08
Do idiots actually count as real people? =\

18-09-2006, 18:57
What i hear is that you dont see any people while farming on pve areas its all "Instanced" so you only get to see people in towns and such, but then u can join groups to play with other people

18-09-2006, 19:16
You meet people in towns, and when you go into explorable/mission area's you only see the people who are in your party. You will not have uninvited guests, that is unless you are PvP'ing or doing the 2 missions in Factions that put 2 groups together.

The world can be yours alone.

18-09-2006, 19:42
You meet real people in towns/outposts (well, you meet the toons driven by real people, anyways).

You party up with anyone you want (who also wants to party up with you) and/or fill out your party with computer controlled henchmen.

When your party leaves town to enter the explorable areas, your party is completely isolated from any other parties, because your party gets its own "instance" of the explorable area. You are still with real people, but only those real people who are a part of your party. If there are 89 parties exploring the area "Talus Chute," then there will be 89 instances of Talus Chute: 89 parallel "Talus Chute" universes, if you want to see it like that.

The only exceptions to "one party per instance," are the afore-mentioned uncommon competitive PvE missions, and the many available flavors of PvP battles.

Even though you are out in the boonies with maybe only 5 real people, you can still chat with anyone, anywhere, who is in the game (even in a Guild Wars "parallel universe"). there are options to chat with your party, of course; but you may also chat with your guildmates, members of your guild's allied guilds, someone off of your "Friends" list, and anyone else you know by name (toon name, that is). So you can be slaying Nagas in Cantha (Factions) while holding a conversation with a guild mate who just got slain by a Charr in Tryia (Prophecies), and who is waiting for his party to rez him.

Hope that helps.