View Full Version : Concept Farming Build

18-09-2006, 20:03
Earth - 12+1+3
Energy Starage - 11+1
Inspiration - 6

1. Glyph of Renewal
2. Silver Armor
3. Ward Against Melee
4. Crystal Wave
5. Tenai's Crystals
6. Armor of Earth/Mantra of Resolve
7. Aura of restoration
8. Channeling

+10 and or +5 energy stave with 20% enchant mod is preferable but as long as you have the enchant mod you should be fine.

Basicly you aggro a mob and cast Ward Against Melee and keep it up constantly as well as Armor of Earth/Manta of Resolve, Aura of Restoration, and Channeling. Then use Glyph of Renewal and Silver armor. This will allow you to keep Silver Armor up constantly. You should have 100% evade because of Silver Armor and Ward Against Melee. Cast Crystal Wave and Tenais Crystals once in a while but make sure you cast at least two seconds apart or else the AoE flee will be triggered. These paired with Silver Armor deal massive dmg to anything attacking you. Armor of Earth is a fail save as well as Aura of Restoration. Channeling is for e-managment. Use Mantra of Resolve in areas with interrupts.
This build may deal more dmg than a 55-monk because you don't waste time watching your enemies reciver from a knockdown and you dmg skills can be chained endlessly.
What do you think? :listen: