View Full Version : Teoretical Ideal Weapon for a Dervish?

19-09-2006, 15:04
Ive been speculating over what which make the most ideal weapon for a dervish, and it is my thought that the Soulbreaker scythe comes pretty close. If not being perfect for Dervish to use.

Icy is the only really questionable mod, but given that Elona may contain deserts and like, it will probably have earth and fire resistant monsters. And perhaps baddies vulnerable to cold even.

The currently known Dervish skills can inflict the all conditions that have asociated item mods for them, except daze and poison. So i could foresee that PvP Dervishes would enjoy snathes that enhances cripple to keep runners from fleeing. Or deep wound snathes for the heavy damage builds.

Though enhanced poison or bleeding snathes shouldnt be discounted, with possible mass application of both at once with aoe scythe attacks. Using a bleeding attack skill, and borrowing Apply Poison from a ranger secondary. And that would work well with the Reap Impurities skill.

So I think the snathe is pretty much up in the air. Also it should be remembered that many dervish skills changes the damage type you apply with your attacks. So it might be better to go for a snathe with a passive effect if you focus on a certain type of condition to spread. Though it should be remembered than an elemental weapon will help your damage against a target with huge resistance to physical damage.

The Icy Soulbreaker comes with an Enchanting grip, which is pretty much a must to have for a dervish. To get extra mileage out of your enchantments, as they are your lifeblood. I know some would rather have a fortitude mod to help offsetting the hp cost of a superior rune, but I am pretty certain i remember seeing that the dervish had an armor set with a quite large hp bonus in the nightfall pvp event, beyond what there normally can be found on armors.

Lastly it has an inherent +15% damage when enchanted mod. Dervishes are the kings of enchantments, meaning you always will have the benefit of this.
And it's not like you are going to need a +5 energy mod, since with the rapid recycle of enchantments you are going to see, your energy should be well covered.

Goldfish God
19-09-2006, 17:19
With the inherent multiple-hit swings of the scythe, vampiric/zealous mods look pretty attractive. The high damage means a 20:20 sundering might actually work (in the same way 20:20 hammers work).

I'm slightly wary of Enchanting mods, since Mysticism's bonus only kicks in when enchantments end. Though obviously you can counter-balance this by using enchantment-ending skills.

19-09-2006, 18:12
Um... just to point out it's SCYTHE not SNATHE.
Other than that minor hilarious mishap I'd say the Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting is quite nice but remember that the Dervish primary is Mysticism which benefits them if the enchantments END so it would be better with a shorter length in most situations. I wouldn't say that it was close to perfect.

The perfect Dervish Scythe, (for use in most situations,) would probably be:

20/20% sundering/ vampiric, (depends on how many enemies you would be facing, if 3 or more then take a vampiric if less take a sundering.)

15% while enchanted, (There shouldn't really be a time when you aren't under one).

+5 defense, (The dervish already get greater hp than other proffesions through their armour and with only 70 armour they would probably benefit more from the defense than more hp.)

This is a general observation. Obviously specific circumstances would require this weapon to be changed.

My 2pence, Kattox.

19-09-2006, 18:18
The snathe is the 'head' upgrade to the scythe.

Also, the dervish has plenty of skills that removes enchantments from you, so you can end them at your leisure. Also some enchantments would be desirable to keep on you for a longer time, such as Balthazar's Rage, which makes your attack deal holy damage during the duration. And have you forgotten the use Contemplation of Purity saw to release all the dervish enchantments when desired?

19-09-2006, 19:06
Can I get light saber?

No wait, I want twin light saber that can be converted to a light saber staff.

19-09-2006, 20:12
The snathe is the 'head' upgrade to the scythe.

Great! That saves me looking it up and I've learned something today. Now leaving the warmth of bed feels more worthwhile.

As far as weapons go, my primary motivation is going to be how cool my Dervish looks. Then I'll start picking up mods for it. Not quite sure what though, but Zealous is certainly sounding like a very viable option.

[Note to self: We'll need a Scythe pick thread too ... ]

critical vengeance
19-09-2006, 20:19
zealous for scythe type builds, and really anything else will do for other things i think. Besides sycthe of enchanting helps you control when you end enchants.. which is cool

19-09-2006, 20:25
Well, given the rapid recycle of enchantments that the dervish is going to see. Would a zealous snathe be that needed, really? Since ended enchantments gives energy, and there is several known Dervish skills that further helps increasing energy gain.

critical vengeance
19-09-2006, 23:22
i just meant in a enchant low build that focuses on the scythe, like mine (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=420353) i made

19-09-2006, 23:28
Well, wouldnt you better be off with a warrior or assasin primary even then, if you dont want to focus on the core aspect of the class? Namely enchantments.

That is why I am saying that both the Sunspear and Soulbreaker are intented for use by their primary classes and involving the primary functions tied to them. Ie being a 'caster' type and spamming shouts and chants. Or focusing on enchantments to augment yourself and use them to power your other abilities.

Artemis Shadowhawk
19-09-2006, 23:58
I'd think that I'd probably end up with a zealous scythe of enchanting, a vampiric scythe of defense, a sundering scythe of defense, and some condition scythe as my fourth slot.

You don't need to have only one.

20-09-2006, 09:57
The snathe is the 'head' upgrade to the scythe.

Oh, sorry about that.

23-09-2006, 09:37
I've been using a Sundering snathe in PvP so far, and it seems pretty effective. given the WIDE range of damage in the weapon, armour penetration just seems logical. +15% while enchanted is just common sense, but i don't see the point in lengthening enchants when you'll be ending them early anyway.

23-09-2006, 14:42
i really don't think i'd want the enchanting mod. most enchants last as long as they need to to get use out of them... alot of them i use for their cast effect, and then their end effect, so what is happening in between is negligable.(though, some effects, like the energy from Raging Renewal, or health from Balthazars Rage, or Holy Damage from Heart...Holy Flame are useful).

Zain Inferno
24-09-2006, 03:55
I can't see myself using an Enchanting mod...in many cases i couldn't use a skill or was dying because an enchantment wouldn't end. Most dervish enchants have an effect that happens when they start and when they end so why would you care if they lasted longer? And with a ton of skills that remove enchantments most enchantments wouldn't even last the whole duration. Personally i'm probably going for a scythe with these mods:

Zealous "Scythe" of Fortitude(or Defence)
+15 while Enchanted
+30 hp or +5 armor
Energy gain on hit: 1
Energy Regeneration: -1