View Full Version : New Dervish Skill Revealed: Grenth's Grasp

20-09-2006, 00:08
Grenth's Grasp is a Dervish Elite that makes all of your attack skills cripple the target…as long as you're wielding a cold weapon. Grenth's Fingers takes care of this requirement by converting your damage type to cold and providing a point-blank damage spell, while Reap Impurities allows you to stay healthy while inflicting damage upon foes under the effects of conditions.

This elite would go well with the Icy Soulbreaker preorder weapon, and allowing you to forego adding Grenth's Fingers and slipping another skill on your bar instead.

Taken from: http://www.guildwars.com/support/gamecontents/nightfall/skillspreview.php

critical vengeance
20-09-2006, 00:10
yeah it should be cool, massive crippl'ing ftw

Artemis Shadowhawk
20-09-2006, 00:11
That sounds like a really solid three-skill combo. It'll be fun to see what other elites they throw at us.

20-09-2006, 00:57
I like it but I'm guessing I'll prefer another Elite instead of this... if I remember correctly, the crippling skill they had under Scythe Mastery was all I needed.

20-09-2006, 01:04
I take you mean:
Crippling Sweep
If this attack hits, target foe is crippled for 5 seconds for each Enchantment on you (maximum 10-20 seconds)

Do consider the application of Grenth's Grasp. Since scythes swipe nearby foes as well, you would be able to consistently keep a whole group crippled if having a cold weapon.

Whereas crippling sweep skill only would affect the targetted target. And when combined with Reap Impurities, you would gain up to 50 health per foe who is suffering from Cripple, meaning all whom your attack swipes to hit. Allowing you to stay alive and pin a whole bunch at once.

As I see it, Crippling Sweep is for when dealing with single and critical targets, such as enemy monks. Just like what Assasins use Siphon Speed for.

I think that Scythe Snathes that prolongs Crippled Duration will see great use in PvP, since elemental heads doesnt matter. As Dervishes have plenty of ways to change the damage type they use. I am going to remember the combo of Grenth's Grasp, Grenth's Fingers and Reap Impurities when doing pvp, its excellent.

20-09-2006, 01:48
Don't get me wrong, it's a great skill and a great combo, but I just think I'll find another Elite skill that I'll prefer to use... like the Avatars. :grin:

I mean what other profession has a skill that gives you access to all the core professions dances? That alone makes the Avatar skills the best! :cool:

20-09-2006, 02:00
True, but the Dervish does have many great elites that offers for powerful and interesting combos to use. This Grenth's Grasp seems useful for pvp.

Though I definitely will be using the various Avatar elites too. Cant wait to try out them all. Im not going to limit myself to just a few.

Ivan Drago
20-09-2006, 09:57
I think Dervishs make great frontline fighters for Elementalists.

They cripple some 3 targets around them, damage them, heal themselves while doing so.

Elementalists can cast their DoT AoEs, the enemies will panic yet will not be able to run out of the area of effect as usual. They run and burn and you do not take damage.

Kyso No Oni
20-09-2006, 15:05
I think De/Asn would be good .. or even virulence dervish..

Akirai Annuvil
20-09-2006, 16:49
I think any Dervish will be good :)

And I can see great ways of combining this with Warrior too :) Cyclone Axe ftw ;P
Also since elemental weaponry is probably gonna be less popular with the 'many' ways to change your damage type, would there be an increase for the sundering mod?
Very off-topic though never mind :) But it's great they just confirmed my opinion that Reap Impurities is the best skill ever B)

EDIT: Thay changed Reap Impurities avatar! Assuming the one at gwonline wiki is the right one o' course. Also they seem to have changed the skill.

while Reap Impurities allows you to stay healthy while inflicting damage upon foes under the effects of conditions.

This seems to mean that the damage is dependant on condition NOT the healing. But I think it's just a small fault from working overtime or something :)
And I really like the sparkly eye of Grenth's Fingers xD

critical vengeance
20-09-2006, 22:35
healing is depentdant on the conditions, you do the same damage whether you hit a foe suffering from a condition or not

20-09-2006, 23:15
I think De/Asn would be good .. or even virulence dervish..
omg crit scythemaster? D:

critical vengeance
21-09-2006, 02:46
omg crit scythemaster? D:

well mass bleeding from sharpen daggars with signet of malice for that weird aoe deepwound sycthe attack would be nice maybe :grin: