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critical vengeance
21-09-2006, 02:57


Cautery Signet
Remedy Signet
Remove all Conditions from your party, including yourself, with Cautery Signet. For each Condition removed in this way, you're set on Fire for one second. Quickly hit Remedy Signet, which removes one Condition, and you can counter many Condition-heavy builds. Try to stay out of range of interrupts, as Remedy Signet has a fast recharge but a slow activation time.

"The Power is Yours!"

Adrenaline skills


With some rapid weapon-swapping and a Skill Bar full of adrenaline skills, you can be an Energy battery for your allies without losing offensive capability. Use the Shout "The Power is Yours!" to give all party members within earshot immediate Energy gain at the price of lowering your Energy regeneration for ten seconds. While you have lowered Energy, rely on adrenaline to mete out damage.


All i can say is awesome. Not only could we get rid of the burning if we wanted, but we could also give our allies even more energy. I still want to see what exhactly the power is yours gives

By the way, captain planet people, this skill is for you...

I think aria of power combined with this skill, maybe even group it up with the two signet since they don't take energy. Energizing chorus to lower the costs, man this should be cool, a non-spell caster battery should be sweet.

I cannot wait until the pve event to look at these skills!

21-09-2006, 03:47
Yeah, Paragons already had a pretty wide variety of battery skills.

21-09-2006, 16:37
Hmmm, I will try cautery signet and plague touch, that will hurt :grin: