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Achiles the Mermedon
23-09-2006, 15:53
Well I have never liked being a support char I like being in the middle of the frey. Whether it be on the sidelines as nuker, ss, ranger or in the brunt of it as a tank.
Playing around with paragon I am not exactly sure what he is supposed to be I like the spear and the few skills I got that go with that.
Before I get more into the character tho I would like some more opinions.
Y'all think this is going to be a rit of sorts? with just some ability to attack?

The Real Dio Around Here
23-09-2006, 16:54
i think it will depend mostly on the secondary you take to got with.....if you take W as example you will have the options to take other weapons and even with spear you could go quite offensive thx certain W skills....now lets take Monk as secondary.....i think we all agree that you would go then most as support char.....it all depends on your secondary.....on what role you play....

23-09-2006, 17:28
I've been using my paragon as an attack character. A few Echoes and Songs to support, but... nothing like a monk.

Arctus Redryn
23-09-2006, 17:46
The spear can inflict a lot of damage. Try Harrier's Toss, Vicious Spear, and "Go for the Eyes!"

Harrier's Toss has a 1/2 second activation time, Vicious Spear inflicts damage and Deep Wound on a critical, and "Go for the Eyes!" increases your chance for critical to 78% at 12 Leadership. Thus, you have a ranged, nonelite Eviscerate Executioner's that uses energy!

At 16 Spear Mastery, the two skills would inflict about +40 damage and Deep Wound to a nonmoving foe in less than a second, and about +80 damage and Deep Wound to a moving foe.

Servant of Kali
23-09-2006, 18:49
Y'all think this is going to be a rit of sorts? with just some ability to attack?

What do you mean?!

Just _some_ ability to attack?!?!? That's very demeaning!! As a hardcore Rt player i can tell i own elementals when i meet them in 4v4 (as channeling). As spirit Rt u have the biggest DPS in the game.

Rt does not have 'some' attack abbilities. In nightfall he got nice skills which even make melee Rt a fun option (something like IW mesmer i'd say, it doesnt replace warrior but can be fun).

Most people think Rt is about protection and healing, but that's very very far from the truth. After the last update Rt does good whatever he wants to do.

There :) Now, dont let the other Rts hear u :P

25-09-2006, 08:31
I've been using my paragon as an attack character. A few Echoes and Songs to support, but... nothing like a monk.

Same here. Of course, that's because I have a very limited range of skills to choose from at the moment.

I really can't decide what sort of high level build I'll go with, however. :undecided: The Spear skills are nice, but I was looking to play a character OTHER than another damager (which the Paragon can easily do, bolstered by some shouts and chants). However, none of the Motivation or Command skills have really caught my eye so far. Normally, what happens is that a particular elite (or sometimes a number of skills) catches my fancy, and I build my character around that elite or skills.

So far though, nothing about the Paragon has jumped out at me and said "Play Me!"

So, advice anyone? I'm looking for a character build who's probably a bit like a protection monk and a damage booster, rolled into one. He can fight with a Spear if necessary, but I probably won't put any more points into Spear Mastery than strictly necessary.

25-09-2006, 09:54
From what I can tell the Paragon seems to be rather distinct in its talents. Particularly with the usage of adrenaline, energy, and group 'enchant' skills, the shouts and chants that is.

I didnt really have the chance to make a purely support paragon but with the available chants and echoes immediately I see that they can be of good assistance to any group. Just as well I really enjoyed the power behind the spear skills, some really nice spike damage and conditions.

Overall I was very happy with the usages of the Paragon and cant wait to play more of my own in the full version. Much like i've been saying everywhere else...

Paragons FTW! :D

Lady Rhonwyn
25-09-2006, 10:27
I didn't do any support with my paragon. I only used the skills you could normally find at the skill traders (no unlocks). I went ranger secundary with a pet. I felt the paragon is a bit like a ranger, with a heavier attacks, but closer range (somewhere between short bow and recurve bow I'd say).

I was afraid the paragon would be more like a warrior than a monk. I'm glad that fear was unfounded.

25-09-2006, 19:57
So far no one mentioned the one ECHO skill for Paragon. You put the echo (mending is all we got) on party members then you spam chants to keep the echo active. It works alot like a bonder using signet for energy regen or the bonds drop.

The Mending Echo lasts 20 seconds but gets recharged whenever a shout goes down. The shouts last 10 seconds so I took the 5 energy fire shout and got a couple seconds burning damage in addition to recharging the 2 points of health regen I had on everyone.

So I was spamming a chant every 10 seconds and also I had to also target and use spear skills to deal damage. Kind of like a Monk/Ranger Bonder/Archer. It was an "attention intensive" build but very effective when I did it right.

I did not see any chants that were effective enough to make me want a paragon without echos over a ranger. Of course the skills we got were very limited on the PvE starter island.