View Full Version : what happened to your paragon???

25-09-2006, 20:47
I really dont know any other place in the forum to post this, so ill just post it here:

Does anybody have their paragons yet, even after the event???? i still have mine, but wouldnt Anet delete them after the event????

Still, i cant play him.....

25-09-2006, 20:51
The characters will remain. You will be able to access them again if you buy Nightfall but they will be reset to level 1 and all skills, gold. equip, etc. will be gone. You have the name you chose and the look reserved. That is all.

26-09-2006, 02:00
thanks.... i was really confused about that.... they said they would delete the chars, yet mine was there lol

26-09-2006, 16:27
What??? Man, that just reeks. But I guess I understand why. Still I'm pretty bummed fighting all the way to level 15, and keeping items and such.

So there's gonna be a level wipe. *sigh*

I want to ask that by "look' do you mean the physical appearance of the character? Or do they get to keep the armor as well? Coz apparently, I still have her taking up one slot, and she seems to have her sunspear armor intact. >_>

26-09-2006, 17:25
Their appearance (face, hair, skin tone) will remain. Armor will be reset, just like level and the rest of inventory.

captain lucky
26-09-2006, 18:04
Well If I remember correctly you get to keep any skills you unlock and I did the smart thing and bought all the paragon skills with most of my money and all my skill points in the last hour of the event this should give me a head start if I decide to go PVP

27-09-2006, 03:53
Hmm, well that's a plus then. I also managed to unlock all Paragon skills available at the time. I had gone as far as Latesha Bog so I'm guessing that's pretty much everything.

At least it'll save me a small fortune. XD

Auntie I
27-09-2006, 12:38
You do not get to keep the skills, however you have unlocked them for your account and they will be available at the earliest "Skill Trainer"

Just to be completely clear!
- The paragon will remain at your login screen unless you delete it.
- You will not be able to play that character until you have added the Nightfall key to your account and it is October 27th. (You'll probably be able to get the account key a day or two ahead but the server won't be going live until the 27th of October)
- The armor will be reset to Starter Armor.
- All items will be wiped.
- All skills will be wiped. (although they are unlocked on your account)
- You will start again at level 1.

The only thing that remains is the "looks" of your paragon and the name.

Goldfish God
27-09-2006, 15:30
Essentially, u have no advantage lost if u decide to delete that char and create a PvP char of any class with that same name, then delete and remake your NPE character when Nightfall is released.

captain lucky
27-09-2006, 17:05
I just bought all the paragon skills because there was nothing else to do with that cash and it saves me time and money unlocking them again and if I ever need to test new builds they will always be there for me