View Full Version : How to dye Dervish Armor blue instead of turquoise?

King Kull
25-09-2006, 23:31
Any ideas?

26-09-2006, 00:35
Black + Blue? :undecided:

26-09-2006, 02:07
Black is a little bit expensive.

I think Purple+ Blue may work

26-09-2006, 06:31
Yeah, Derv armor seems to dye... differently. I'd guess P + Bu too. Or maybe Bu + R + Bu or Bu + R + Undye (probably both be the same, dunno). I tried for white with the usual Y + S + S + S and got an interesting pale sage/canary (depending on the colour temperature of the light) instead.


26-09-2006, 10:16
I found dervish armor a pain to dye, I wanted brown robes so I applied the appropriate dye combo for that color on it, resulting in a bright green color...