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Vincalis Ktath
27-09-2006, 15:47
Hey guys,

I've looked through the existing general lore, and I haven't found any information as to how the concept of ressurection came about/how it started.

I have some vague, half-formed ideas on the subject, but I wanted to check if there are any existing theories or known reasons that would contradict it. (This is mainly for the purposes of a fan-fic, but I'd like it to be somewhat in keeping with existing GW works)

So the question is: Is there an existing accepted reason for ressurection?

If not, I'll submit mine once i've hammered a few details out :rolleyes:

27-09-2006, 15:48
Hm.. doubt it. Search isn't working for me right now, try it out, maybe you'll get something?

Quintus Antonius
27-09-2006, 16:09
There is a topic literally four spaces below this one with "Resurrection" right in the title. Did you look at it? It discusses almost all of what you are asking in some form.


Vincalis Ktath
27-09-2006, 17:04
I must be blind. I apologise, i did look through the forum for anything before I posted, and I can't believe I missed that! :rolleyes:

Never mind, feel free to delete this thread, as it's all covered elsewhere

Quintus Antonius
27-09-2006, 18:09
Well, I'm just going to close the thread so that anyone else with a similar thread can see it and see it was redirected.

However, I'd like to remind everyone that there is a sticky thread called "The Lore Lounge" where you can ask if a thread exists if you are unsure instead of creating a whole new thread that will just get redirected and closed.