View Full Version : Margonites worshippers of Abaddon

Laibeus Lord
30-09-2006, 08:20
So was said from the pre-release box quoted by other people in this forum.

Then the margonites being the ancestors of the Luxons collapses, or not?

And also, could the Kournan's be the descendants of the Margonites then? The "Heretic worshippers of Abaddon"?

Or maybe the reason behind the Luxon's also recognizing other gods and put the old 5 gods lower in position is that they also worship Abaddon secretly?

Or could the Luxons be like the Mursaats, as explained in the Odran Code??


Renegade Returns
30-09-2006, 09:38
Maybe the outcast Luxons worship Abaddon.

30-09-2006, 10:29
Far more likely that the Margonites split off from the Luxons and then began their worship of Abaddon. Though the Kournans being descendants of Margonites does sound likely.

Quintus Antonius
30-09-2006, 14:47
Yes, I do not think there is a conflict between the two, as any split in the Margo-Luxon society would have happened well before the dates we are talking about, and the ancestors of the Luxons sailing into the Crystal Desert is established by in-game lore. However, the possibility does exist that these are some other group than the Margonites; I personally find it unlikely as there is no evidence to support another group focusing so heavily on sailing.

That said, the Luxons do worship the Five Gods. The misconception that they don't comes from the Kurzicks.