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Vallen Frostweaver
02-10-2006, 16:43
This is for those of you that want to know what Gaile said but don't want to read through multiple pages of purple. Remember, these are my summaries from Gaile's "best guesses" and are not "official statements" from GW or ANet.

Here's the link to the original posts by MogRuith and Ylistra (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=423350) for the October 1st log.

October 1st

Gaile would love to have multiple pets in game but doesn't see it as an option at this time.
Halloween "event" is expected by Gaile but nothing is known at this time officially as it is releasse week for Nightfall (NF).
Bug concerning non-detectable casting of spells though the icon recharges is under large investigation for a fast fix though it is in depth to narrow down the cause.
Bug concerning hourglasses for icons is being worked on as well but the solution is already in progress though it will have to be implemented on a live build.
Games of chance to return at some point in future.
Level 20 is permanent level cap (please stop asking this one people :rolleyes:)
Gaile facts: Gaile has several characters at level 20 including but not limited to a R/Mo, Rt/R, Ele, and War were all mentioned.
Gaile reads forums almost every day and responds to somewhere between 1 every 10 or 1 every 50 on average as she has a lot to read.
No news on storage options.
Facial improvements to come and new faces possibly.
NF characters started during the event will be reset to level 1.
Online store is expected to be adding "something."
They are aware of PayPal request for online store.
No news on Gems though it was mentioned in a double secret meeting that was failed to be overheard.
No changing weather in NF - same as in first couple chapters.
Gaile never promised Auction Houses. (please read above notice)
Heroes don't have pets to Gaile's knowledge though she hopes it comes to be.
Creating Role Playing only districts or towns excludes people so it is not foreseen to happen.
Gaile tires of fansite forum ads all over the pages.
Gaile loves Nutella.
Gaile is asking details about Mod salvaging.
No NF headstart plans this time.
NF may be sold early but won't be useable until go-live date.

Again, I go on vacation and Gaile visits... anyway, not too much new stuff really and the October 2nd log is down for now so I'll post a summary when it's working again if no one else has yet. Enjoy.

02-10-2006, 16:50
Awesome post, thanks for summerizing.

Count Feanor
02-10-2006, 17:36
Yeah, it doesn't look like anything really new. Thanks for the summary.