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07-10-2006, 18:16
I've just reached lvl 20 and have been a W/E since i started.
But took up W/Mo now.
So here is a couple of questions.
First, places to farm for better equipment, and how to get there.
Heard something about a place called FoW.
Second, builds.
Is W/Mo the best build to farm alone with ?
If not, what is ?
And could someone try to help me a little with a W/Mo build for farming for examble FoW ?

I'm using Axe atm.
Could be persuaded to change, but not very much for it :)

Best regards Danny

Fenix Aurion
07-10-2006, 21:11
In my opinion warrior/monks make the best farmers. That doesnt mean that other secondaries can farm as well. Heres a vid of w/e farming http://youtube.com/watch?v=_JZIAaeCAT4
Back to the point... Wammos can farm the fastest. The best place to farm would be outside of droks. Theres a cave full of trolls ready to be killed. Heres another video except this one is wammo farming: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0m--Y4KZPYc
And I dont know any FOW farming builds. Btw, I did not make any of these videos!

tormented angel
07-10-2006, 21:39
for a fow farm go to guildwiki they have a build there for a warrior to farm the spider's think its war/mesmer for that build i'm thinking of trying it myself

Darkstar The Legend
08-10-2006, 10:33
The general FoW solo build is W/Me but a W/Mo build is also viable check the build section at the top of the warrior page to find Ubermancers build and guide to soloing the FoW.

Or if you have factions then head to senjis and solo the vermin (again build and guide can be found in the guide section), crap drops but it is easy and steady money.

Another W/Me one is farming hydras outside of augry rock, basic idea is to use the mesmer stance elemental resistance and dolyaks signit to minimize the damage the hydras deal down to a managable amount (ie their fireball only does about 10 damage instead of 70 damage). Again doing a search or checking the wiki should give you a complete build and guide.

The money generated by these varies from run to run, but most will average about 10-15k per hour (maybe more from FoW if you get lucky with shards).

08-10-2006, 11:28
w/me is most popular however imo w/mo is fastest for FoW. Not the mending or watchful spirit clones though, the vicarious cyclone build.

Darkstar The Legend
08-10-2006, 15:29
Personally i use a W/Me build for FoW because with some practice and quite a lot of patience you can also solo the spiders in the forest (the ones the rangers farm) and even take on a large part of the shadow army (the shadow army is really hard to solo using a build that also solo's the spiders but it can be done, some of the time at least). Haven't had any sucess doing the forest or shadow army with W/Mo builds so i stick to W/Me.

Fenix Aurion
10-10-2006, 00:25
mesmer and monk arent the only warrior secondaries that can solo farm FOW. Heres a video of a w/r soloing...

Darkstar The Legend
10-10-2006, 10:47
I think it can be solo'd by any secondary or even probably done without a secondary at all, but i believe that /Me and /Mo give the fastest and most efficient results.

13-10-2006, 17:27
where is a good place to farm with a warrior monk in factions??

13-10-2006, 18:42
Vermin farming - there's a big thread on it.