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Tuor Son Of Huor
08-10-2006, 08:46
During a Final Exodus [FX] guild run into the UW today, we cleared the ice wastes, the forgotten vale and chaos planess.

http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/8610/gw294sb4.th.jpg (http://img88.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gw294sb4.jpg)

It should be known that in the ice wastes, there is a "temple" of Grenth. Unfortunately, I do not have have an old screenshot of this temple to make a "before and after" comparison, hopefully someone will be able to provide one before nightfall was announced. However, I have frequented this place many times and can say with 100% certainty that these findings are recent.

Below is a screenshot of the temple courtyard, which used to be empty and now has pillars.

http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/7995/gw293qt3.th.jpg (http://img135.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gw293qt3.jpg)

A close up of one of these pillars reveals writings and runes on its side:

http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/2992/evidenceji2.th.jpg (http://img225.imageshack.us/my.php?image=evidenceji2.jpg)

We visited the monuments of grenth at the Labrynth, Forgotten Vale and the Ice Wastes - all were "normal" in the sense that they did not look like this monument found in the Chaos Planes:

http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/2235/evidence1ka2.th.jpg (http://img147.imageshack.us/my.php?image=evidence1ka2.jpg)

Notice the same pillars that now occupy the courtyard of Grenth now surround the Monument of Grenth at the Chaoes places (historically where Dhuum's Tower used to be).

I believe the appearance of these pillars signifies the return of Grenth's predecessor - Dhuum. Hopefully a closer examination of the pillars will unlock more information.

I plan to reenter the Underworld within the next day or tow to attempt to get better pictures of these pillars so we may transcribe the runes and unlock their meaning.

08-10-2006, 09:04
omg you're right. I was in UW last night and I could've sworn that those pillars WERE NOT THERE before. Something is happening.... I wonder if we'll see things like this in FoW aswell.

Durza the Shadeking
08-10-2006, 09:29
Evil is Rising. Darkness is consuming. Nightfall comes!

(Abbadon will eat your eyes!)

I hope to hear more about this.

super sinep
08-10-2006, 09:33
ooooooooo. Maybe we will find out what we do with are bit Tapestry Thread:brainiac:

08-10-2006, 09:41
Hmmm... Are Dhuum and Abbadon the same or have they joined forces?

Renegade Returns
08-10-2006, 09:48
Yeah maybe Gwen was the evil god all along ^^. Nice find though

08-10-2006, 10:04
here is a picture I took on the 14th of january 2006

http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/5749/gw142eo0.th.jpg (http://img91.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gw142eo0.jpg)

and yes before some noob starts yelling at me AA is off

and here is a picture of one of the statues from the 17th of september 2005 (as in not just the other week, but more than a year ago)
http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/8223/gw083mf6.th.jpg (http://img241.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gw083mf6.jpg)

Kailden Jera
08-10-2006, 10:22
Spooky... What does this means???

08-10-2006, 10:36
Spooky... What does this means???

what ?

08-10-2006, 13:25
anyway its pretty obvious OP was mistaken, there is nothing odd its exactly as it was a year ago. Same inscriptions on the pillars and everything. Nothing to post about

Ivan Drago
08-10-2006, 14:22
The pics of Eowen were taken from the opposite direction, which was a bit confusing.

I will try to find a pic, but I agree:

Nothing changed. Those pillars were always there.

Symon Butterfingers
08-10-2006, 16:16
I never even been there :(

Tuor Son Of Huor
09-10-2006, 09:31
Eowen, ty for the pics. The 2nd picture of the reaper is in the Ice Wastes, and as i mentioned, did not have any pillars. Only the reaper in the Chaos Planes had the pillars around him (as evidenced by my pictures).

Even if the pillars were always there (I am still sceptical, because my memory is so certain) - why are these pillars ONLY seen in two locations: the Temple of Grenth and the Monument of Grenth in the Chaos Planes?

and another question: what do the Runes/Inscriptions mean?


I undertook another guild expedition into the FoW last night and did not find anything out of the ordinary - other than shards and sapphires, of course :)

De Daniel
09-10-2006, 09:35
Maby somone is just building a house there to store his ectos.

Arkhan The Black
09-10-2006, 10:06
Maybe they are giving UW a much needed facelift?

Elessar Thranduillion
09-10-2006, 10:23
Somewhere along the primary quest line for NF during the preview, you got to a wall with dark runes etched into it.

Evil stirs, both in Elona and Tyria. Let's keep our eyes out for strange sightings in Cantha aswell folks, something's amuck and we all know it.

And Dhuum is not Abbadon. Abbadon = Devil, sorta. Dhuum was just a banished god, 'The Sixth'.

liquid ice VI
09-10-2006, 10:28
Well it does kinda look egyption. maybe that ties in with nightfall?

Quintus Antonius
09-10-2006, 13:26
In my original examination of the Mursaat, Eratimus and I both felt that those may be the Eye of Janthir.

10-10-2006, 16:34
I gotta tell you, I thought the OP was right about the first pic after you clear the smites in the ice wastes.
But once I saw the pic of Grenth in the chaos planes, I knew that the pillars were there before.
Here is a pic that I took March 18th, 2006.

As you can see, the pillars were there.
http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/8180/gw4784ddzl9.th.jpg (http://img170.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gw4784ddzl9.jpg)

EDIT: here is another pic that shows the other location.
Same day, March 18th 2006.
http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/9264/boardauthcgimt5.th.jpg (http://img165.imageshack.us/my.php?image=boardauthcgimt5.jpg)

10-10-2006, 16:55
And Dhuum is not Abbadon. Abbadon = Devil, sorta. Dhuum was just a banished god, 'The Sixth'.

Dhuum was the previous god of death. He was so evil that Grenth came and destoyed him. He is not a sixth god.

Abbadon (not his real name) is a sixth god that his siblings (Grenth, Lyssa, Dwayna, Balthazae and Melandru) banished him and locked him up.

10-10-2006, 22:12
I tell you what. My Guild is visiting the Underworld this Sunday. While I'm in the Temple of Grenth, I'll take some screenshots and see if I can translate the runes using previous TAOS findings.

16-10-2006, 14:51
There are also, and have been as long as I recall, a similar pillar ring in the Spawing Pools. On the first small island you come to.


16-10-2006, 16:13

Just went back and read the second page. Confuse now. Those pillars were actually there before? I don't, really, remember them being there.


Quintus Antonius
16-10-2006, 16:18
The reason no one remembers them is because you weren't looking for them. Now that they have been brought to your attention, you feel as if you are noticing them for the first time.

It's a common psychological phenomenon.

16-10-2006, 16:19
According to current issue of PC Gamer, when Nightfall comes out, we will see changes in Tyria and Cantha to reflect this 6th god's attempts to return to his "rightful place." His return won't be limited to Elonia.

Before and after pictures will be important :) I still kick myself for not having that "before" picture of the Tomb before it changed.

Quintus Antonius
16-10-2006, 16:24
That may be so, but we have proof these pillars were there for several years.

Also, I don't personally foresee sweeping changes, as it would mean *gasp* cross-chapter content, and people who don't have Nightfall would be seeing content for Nightfall.

Ranger Nietzsche
16-10-2006, 18:50
people who dont have nightfall can already see nightfall content.

new Tombs

Quintus Antonius
16-10-2006, 19:37
Notice how I said "sweeping" changes. The Tombs are more of a teaser than anything else, as they don't actually give away much except the reasons for the Zaishen and the introduction of the Battle Islands.

The changes the magazine talks about are the literal corruption of places well known to Tyrians (think how Lion's Arch changes for Halloween events and etc). This would also change how missions and story functions for Prophecies and Factions would work. I just don't think that they will put that much cross-chapter stuff in. It goes against their business model and the whole concept of "stand-alone" games. Follow my logic here?

16-10-2006, 19:46
In that case it would make sense if the changes the article talked about is applied to places like the underworld. (Let's assume that the editor is not intimately knowledgeable about the GW universe and cannot distinguish uw/fow from Tyria and Cantha) It's one of the few places where everyone can access, including nightfall only players.

Tuor Son Of Huor
17-10-2006, 23:58
(Let's assume that the editor is not intimately knowledgeable about the GW universe and cannot distinguish uw/fow from Tyria and Cantha) It's one of the few places where everyone can access, including nightfall only players.

no need for such an assumption :) I *do* have intimate knowledge of the UW and FoW (I;m considered a guild expert on them :P). of course, no one is immune to forgetfulness :D

As mentioned before, I may have merely forgotten about those pillars being there pre-sorrow's furnace (over a year ago). I would still like to know the significance of those runes and why those pillars only show up in two places: The Temple of Grenth and the Monument of Grenth in the Chaos Planes (the former site of Dhuum's Tower).

As to the matter of cross-chapter content - we have a couple of examples:

Chaos Rifts opening in Cantha during the Dragon Festival and in Tyria at the Tombs of the Primeval Kings.
The Underworld and Fissure of Woe - accessible by ALL Guild Wars players, regardless of their birthplace or access to the continents.

The fact that these pillars are an oddity does not preclude them from being considered an interesting "find" in the Underworld. The fissure, unfortunately, still has nothing new to offer...

18-10-2006, 00:51
ahhh I got all excited too... ah well still some good pics thanks for sharing even if it wasn't what you expected