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13-10-2006, 07:39
I've been thinking about the use of Paragon replacements in BP farming teams. With that many arrows going off, being able to crit as much as possible will be a huge boost to damage, so, Paragons, with "Go for the Eyes!" and "Find Their Weakness!" will be a huge boon to a BP group.

P/N Orders Paragon:
"Go for the Eyes!"
"Make Your Time!"
"Find Their Weakness!"
Order of the Vampire {e}
Leader's Comfort
Blood Ritual
Signet of Return


Furious Spear of Enchanting
+en Armor

a P/N would have a lower level Orders than an N/Mo, but would make up for it with Go for the Eyes, and Find Their Weakness, which both also affect minions and pets. The only big problem that I see is the lack of support healing and Leader's Comfort being the only self-heal. "Make Your Time!" is there to ensure that you can get at least one full "Go for the Eyes!" off every 30 seconds. You might also run into problems with energy with the smaller en pool of Paragon and lack of Soul Reaping, but Leadership might be able to help with that.

If you were just focused on getting off as many "GftE!" as possible, and didn't need orders, you could sub W instead of N and take "To the Limit!" and Signet of Agression (which doesnt work with orders), as well as other adrenaline generation skills, to spam "GftE!" as often as possible


R/P GftE Ranger:
"Go for the Eyes!"
"Find Their Weakness!"
Barrage {e}
Savage Shot
Distracting Shot
Charm Animal
Comfort Animal
Signet of Return


Zealous or Sundering Bow
Druid's Armor

This is probably a better way to incorporate GftE and FTW into a B/P build. Barrage is going to provide all of the adrenaline you will ever need. So spam Barrage, GftE, FTW, then Barrage again and you'll probably have enough adrenaline to use GftE again. One thing about this build is the fact that you have to spread your points out among so many attributes. One obvious way is to put as little points in BM as possible, but the blackout from pet death might be a bit annoying.

Any suggestions?

13-10-2006, 08:34
Why not just bring a dedicated GftE Hero along with you, whom can spam all needed shouts, while you do the killing? You dont have to be the one running your mouth off.

13-10-2006, 08:53
as good as the hero system is, nothing beats the good old human brain when it comes to knowing when, where and how often to use the correct skills. Also, the build that I listed is usually part of a 8man team. So why take a hero when you can have real players?:smiley:

13-10-2006, 19:10
Wow, great idea. Specially with the LC. At 12 leadership it gives a whopping ~180 hp with 8 party members if I'm not mistaken.

Maybe I am.. but the number 180 keeps popping in my head for some reason. Lemme double check that.


Oh and I think using the R/P is pointless. Just have 2 Paragons, 1 as the Offensive Shouter (GftE, FTW etc.), the other as the Defensive(Ballad of Restoration, Angelic Bond etc.).

Or just have predatory season somewhere, and you probably won't even need the defensive shouter.

Scratch all that up there.

Just have 7 Rangers and a Paragon. The P should have GftE, FTW, and the elite should be a defensive one like Song of Restoration or Song of Purification. Don't go with orders, it'll hamper the amount of GftEing you'll be able to do. Just go straight up P/x. Or maybe P/Me with Hex Breaker or some other useful utility like that.

critical vengeance
13-10-2006, 21:01
Or you could go crazy with

song of power
and like 7 touch rangers

For 5...17 seconds, each ally within earshot gains 4 Energy regeneration until that ally casts a Spell.

up to 21 seconds at 16, costs 25 energy 1 second activate 30 second recharge

That's 6 regeneration for you and 7 for the touchies, talk about nice.

edit: wiki says it ends if you use a skill too... hoped its bugged... otherwise it puts a headlock on this skill

14-10-2006, 13:24
Well, 7 Rangers and a paragon would severely limit the the amount of places that you can farm. Most full BP groups have 5 rangers, an orders necro, an MM to tank, and a monk. Currently Order of the Vampire can add +17 life steal to each arrow, I'm no good with math, do you think the crit rate from GftE will be better DPS than that? The reason I went with the Orders + GftE is because you can add a bunch of crit damage on top of the lower, but still potent Orders damage you are adding, which will definitely be higher than a necro just spamming orders regularly. I don't know though, maybe the amount you crit from + deep wounds from doing dedicated GftE and Find Their Weakness is enough to kill faster than orders.

critical vengeance
14-10-2006, 14:27
I forgot to addin an order necros, i was mainly just talking about a bunch of crazy touchers :P. 55 order necros rock from what i have seen, putting in a paragon somewhere in the equation would be cool though, question is where do you fit iit in? An order paragon couldn't spam it like a 55 could, heck they can cover the health lost by aura of restoration lol.