View Full Version : Serpent's Quickness and You

14-10-2006, 07:45
Serpents Quickness - All skills recharge 33% faster for X seconds.

There are a lot of useful skills that are EXCELLENT if they just recharged faster.. eg. Incoming! or The Power is Yours!

Also, you could chain energy shouts like Anthem of Flame, Ballad of Restoration, and Song of Restoration pretty effectively with SQ up.

You lose Watch Yourself! as a source of free energy, but there can always be GftE! there to back you up energy-wise.

So, this is where SQ comes in to the playing field. I don't really need to explain more, how about you guys


critical vengeance
14-10-2006, 14:23
It sounds cool, but one major thing i never liked it without putting a lot in wilderness survival it doesn't stay up a lot.

The power is yours doesn't help recharing too fast because you won't have the energy to use it.

Although the other's could work. In pve i wonder if assassin's promise could ever be used, be weird but could work.

15-10-2006, 19:27
How does Assasin's Promise work? Sorry, I'm not too familiar with most Assasin/Rit skills.

15-10-2006, 20:19
You cast assasin's promise on an enemy, if the enemy dies before assasin promise goes away, all skills are recharged.

Samurai Jack
15-10-2006, 23:56
It also gives energy back, it's one of the more useful elites simply because of the skill recharge/energy gain combo. I can see how it would benifit a paragon if they can manage to hex a target right before it dies. May work for a spearman-type build that uses a lot of energy skills. :smiley: