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14-10-2006, 23:43
Hello everyone :)

I've been hearing about Guild Wars for quite some time now, But i was never into online RPG'ing really, And tend to stick to offline master pieces like Baldurs Gate and the like. Lately I've thought about buying Guild Wars, And since there is no immediate open trial, I've figured a few questions here would help me decide.

I'm mostly interested in PvE and melee character builds, Or hybrids of sorts - Never enjoyed playing a full fledged mage for some reason. Aside from that, Even though i enjoy playing with friends\groups\guilds\etc, I do also enjoy the occasional soloing - So i would want a game which can be played alone aswell as the game progresses.

Another issue is that because of my duties in real life, I'm only home at weekends and unable to play more than a dozen of days a month at best. That is the reason most MMORPG games do not suit me from the beginning.

Do you think Guild Wars will give me what I'm looking for?
Any comments appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

-- Ran Sagy.

15-10-2006, 00:03
I think guild wars will be right down your alley. 85% of the time when I play I play by myself. That is I play with me and a team of henchies. I rarely form groups with other real players unless there is a mission or quest I can't do with henchies and need a little more then AI smartness.

Also guild wars is great because you don't need to have a whole lot of time to do a quests and such. The longest a mission has ever been for me is about an hour. So if you don't have a whole lot of time you can get a few things done in game, log out, and log back in and go where you last were.

There are a lot of fun melee classes to play in GW. Warrior being the most common. Ranger is also great. In factions the Assassin was introduced. Now with Nightfall being released we have Paragons (throw spears) and the dervish (use scythes).

If you would like I have a trial code from the Nightfall pre-release box. Just PM me and you can try out Prophecies and factions for 10 hours or 14 days.

15-10-2006, 00:25
Actually, this game is the opposite of what you want. You can solo very little in this game (what Xandlyn means by "play by myself" is hiring henchmen). Even though GW doesnt require you to play for more than an hour in one sitting, as many of the quests take about an hour to complete, you will find GW PvE to be quite shallow when compared to other MMORPGs. It is more of a pvp game that requires teamwork, than an MMORPG.

I've been looking in to buying Titan Quest (aka "Diablo 3"), since it is a hack-and-slash / powerleveling / loot hording game. I would recommend TQ for you, since, from my brief experience playing, you can complete a quest in 30min, or just run around killing stuff for loot for as long as you want, and the entire game is soloable (from what I hear).

15-10-2006, 10:31
I've played TQ, And have a level 49 battlemage in legendary greece. While it's a nick HnS fix, It is not a game to play either solo or even melee, And even that Iron Lore did some great stuff to actually give me interest to play through higher difficulties, I'm quickly getting frustarted from the unbalanced bosses through-out the game and want something better.

From the responses i got here and from another GW forum, It does seem like GW might be very interesting to me. Even playing with hencemen is more or less soloing to me. More shallow than other MMORPG? Other MMORPG PvE usually sums up to power-leveling and doing numb quests like "fetch me X lizard tails".

Xandlyn, I would very much like a trial code if you could spare it.

15-10-2006, 10:51
Actually, this game is the opposite of what you want. You can solo very little in this game (what Xandlyn means by "play by myself" is hiring henchmen). Even though GW doesnt require you to play for more than an hour in one sitting, as many of the quests take about an hour to complete, you will find GW PvE to be quite shallow when compared to other MMORPGs. It is more of a pvp game that requires teamwork, than an MMORPG.

Thats a very biased opinion brother, but far from fact.

For starters... for playing habits, what does it matter wether you grab henchies or actually solo? you can still go out and complete a mission, any mission, in 30-40 minutes with henchmen if you like, quests usually quicker. And you can indeed solo quite a bit if you put some thought into your character build and adjust it to a specific place. Personally i prefer to play with real people and that s where GWs strenght lays too, due to the instancing/lobby system for every mission it actually is much easier and faster to actually get a group than any other MMO i played. PvE furthermore actually features a storyline that your character moves trough and evolves with, not just background story like most othe MMOs. Combat requires thought as well as attention, how skilled a player is i.e. how good someone is at playing their character does matter in PvE and PvP alike, contrary to most MMOs where gear/lvl matters most, not skill, .... wich makes me wonder how you come to consider it "shallow". The combat/skill system certainly isn t shallow, if you call it shallow, then what would you call combat in pretty much every other MMO? ridiculously shallow heh? If by shallow you mean "can t grind for months to lvl and get über items then Pwn everyone" then yeah, you re right... but thank god for that. :rolleyes:

Guildwars is radically different from most MMOs, personally i m glad for that since im done with the EQ/WoW grindstyle play for good reason. :rolleyes:

If you will like it i cannot say, maybe try get one of them trial keys that are floating around, or if you do want to spend money on a new game, then yeah pick it up, not like you d have to pay a monthly fee or anything. :rolleyes: And no one can really argue that it isn t worth it s money. Most likely it will be one of the games you play for much longer than the average 30-50 buck game that sometimes won t even last a weekend. :rolleyes: One thing, if you enjoy PvE most, might want to start with Prophecies, and if you want more options/gameplay modes in PvP, then maybe start with Factions, both of course have PvE and PvP content but one is leaning just a tad more to one side than the other. Or, if you want to try the newest installment you can just wait for Nightfall too. (wich might be a good idea if you are looking to play with real people most of the time, Nightfall will be packed to the brim after release so getting a group would be easiest, and there s hero npcs to consider too that will allow you to basically command a small group of 3 in detail and even micromanage every character in your small group like in single player rpgs, but with another player too). Keep in mind, doesn t matter with wich one you start, they re all standalone games so you don t need one to play the other. (however you can merge them of course and travel to all continents with your characters)

Orlandomir Zang
15-10-2006, 11:10
I think ^ has it pretty much correct

15-10-2006, 12:20
Thanks for the further input :)

16-10-2006, 00:53
"Shallow" wasn't the best word to describe GW PvE, I admit. It is uninspired. In almost every town/mission, people will be looking for the same thing: mm, 2 monks, tank(s), nuker, etc. You can argue that you've completed a mission with something different, but most of the time (and in most PUG), you will be stuck complying with the cookie-cutter pve group, as it is tried and true. The mission/quests are all extremely similar because of this, and essentially share the same objective: fight your way to the green splotch/arrow on your compass. Occasionally, you will find yourself defending or escourting something, but that just means that you must wait for the monsters to come to you, rather than go to the monsters yourself.

Also, the point of soloing is so that you can feel like a god, not just another component to a machine. (see Diablo 2) If you are going to be forced to kill the same thing over and over again to progress through the game, at least boost my ego in the process by letting me smash my enemies' faces singlehandly. I don't mean that GW is too hard, it's just not soloable (i.e. one char, no henches). There are a handful of soloable places, but most other areas require a tight, well-balanced group.

There has been many scientific studies showing why video games are so addictive, with one reason being the sense of accomplishment. With the way GW pve is set up, there is almost no incentive to go back and play a mission you've already completed. The level cap is easily reached, drops when you aren't farming are scarce, and you end up doing the same thing that you've done twenty other times one more time. At least in powerleveling games, you get the satisfaction of a levelup or lots of loot to sell/equip. With that said, one must ask himself why he is trudging through the last half of the game when he has already reached the cap. The only incentive, for most players, is to capture a skill that is only available near the later stages of the game. The story would be an incentive if the cutscenes weren't so horrendously corny.

Don't get me wrong, GW is a great game, but I find the PvE aspect of it leaving me wanting.

And TQ has countless mods, so something is interesting is bound to pop up.:smiley:

My friend has GW and WoW, and finds the latter much more interesting to the point where I bought his Factions key for $20. I found GW to be very boring until I started PvPing, which is where the heart of the game is at, and I love it. So it really depends on what you like; PvP : GW :: PvE : WoW (<--- infested with spawn camping and the grind to get "teh godly" gear.)

16-10-2006, 01:06
Chaos - You can pick up the Nightfall pre-release pack for @$10. This has a trial code in it so you can check the game out without dropping the money for the whole thing. If you like it, buy the game if not, $10 is less than going to the movies.

False Visage
16-10-2006, 01:26
Well, if you're looking at the PvE for pure roleplay value, then the tailored single player RPGs will always be better. Many people play PvE because they find it challenging, they can still play with friends and they don't have to worry about the enemy taunting them or the such.

A lot of people rave about the PvP but I found it hard to get into, since it quickly became an elitist and closed community; you need to know the right people to get in.

16-10-2006, 02:26
Maybe for HA and GvG, but AB, RA, and TA are great even with PUG.

16-10-2006, 07:36
I'm not expecting anything revolutionary, And definitely nothing like the Single-player cRPG's of yore (Baldurs Gate, Fallout, etc), But aside from NoPantsRepublic (which is being honest to his own taste, Thats fine) i've heard some rather positive opinions all around.

I do know i'm probably missing a big part of the game by turning down PvP, But i just find it's against my style of play. On the matter of WoW.. I wouldn't bother paying monthly just to grind even if i did have the time to spend on WoW.

Zero RoGuE
16-10-2006, 08:48
Guild wars was made so that anyone can play it without being left behind.

Unlike traditional MMORPGS the level cap is set at 20, some people complain about this but it forces players not to just level, but to design better builds, This also alows casual players not to be left behing since they cannot level as fast as those players who are constantly playing.

16-10-2006, 08:49
Well here are my 2 cents. I played Guild Wars since the first E3 for everyone in early 2005 and was hooked right from the start. There are some key features of Guild Wars which really suit my playstyle and my real life obligations.

It is absolutely possible to play for yourself just with ai controlled henchmen most of the time. Only for some of the harder missions you need other players.
If you feel like it, it is very easy to form a pick-up group for a mission. Most of the time its fun but sometimes you want to bite your keyboard because of utter frustration. The important thing: you have the choice, just play the style that suits your mood.
Guild Wars is very forgiving when you dont have the time to be on every single day. Sometimes I dont play for weeks and since there are no monthly fees you dont feel pressured or something. You can just pick up the game where you left. Also its true that you need only 1-2 hours time for meaningful accomplishments.
Although I am not focussed on the multiplayer part of Guild Wars I am now in a very friendly guild and I have to say it is really fun to take on the more advanced areas of the game with a full guild team.
Concerning PvP: I am not a fan of PvP either, however sometimes I just go to the 4vs4 random arenas to have some fun. Also in the factions campaign there are two 12vs12 maps wich are quite fun sometimes. The good thing about PvP: If you dont like it just dont play it :smiley:

Just one last note: I would also advise you to start with prophecies since the tutorial is much better suited for beginners and I find the learning curve is much more fulfilling then in Factions where it feels like power levelling. Hope this helps a bit in your decision.

16-10-2006, 09:18
I haven't considered factions at all yet, Only prophecies. Should i complete it, I might go for Factions, or (since Factions leans to the PvP side from the comments ive seen) straight ahead to Nightfall and its Heros system.

Anyway, I might just go out and buy Prophecies today, Quite possible. Thanks to everyone and their honest opinions :)

16-10-2006, 16:18
From what you are saying, it sounds like GW is just the game for you. :smiley:

I just want to add that to me, Guildwars (especially Prophesies), features some of the most breathtaking art out there. The scenery and the coloring are just stunning. It is often like playing in a very beautiful painting. (the "cartoony" look of WoW has nothing on GW IMO)

You dont need to party with others if you dont want to
Most things can be done in under an hour, but there also exist a handful of challenging areas that take many hours to finish
Cap of lvl 20 means that there is a lot of content to choose from at highest level.
No grind for leet gear, but you can grind for "vanity items" (look better, but same stats) if you really want to.
The skill system is extremely deep, with virtual endless possibilitites to combine into builds (some more successful than others..)

Can be hard to get into PvP, especially the "higher" arenas, due to elitism.
Sometimes hard to find a group for more "out of the way" quests and missions.
Some players are stuck in their idea of the "ideal" group.
Stupid kids drawing offensive images on the radar...

16-10-2006, 16:38
*nwn 2 Ftw*

17-10-2006, 08:13
Went to two local stores yesterday, But they were both out of Prophecies. I'll see if i can get some kind of trial key this weekend (if anyone would like to donate), And try again next week. Hopefully they'll have fresh copies by then.

17-10-2006, 08:43
If I remember correctly, (assuming you have a form of credit card) you can order Prophecies off of the guild wars site.

As for myself, There is one form of PvP i love and htat's alliance battles, I don't know why but I love it, other then that PvP is kionda.. meh to me (an occasional RA now and then...) pvE is where it lies with me, Also I feel "accomplished" not by beeing able to solo things, but by the fact that I've completed the entire game. I only grinded for my 15k armor, and I'm perfectly content with my guild and alliance. They're fun to be with, I've redone missions numerous times to help out people I still found them enjoyable regardless of the fact that I didnd't get anything out of it.

Xiong Chiamiov
17-10-2006, 16:21
I would agree with most everything here. I got Prophecies last Christmas (when there was only one) and am almost to ascending my 1st character. I play all four of my chars pretty equally, but I spend, on average, 5 hrs a week playing gw. Granted, there was a 2-3 month period where I couldn't play at all because I got school and job crunch... Anyway, it's great.

Oh, and the level cap is great. I have a friend who would hate GW because he simply loves to grind. After going through ROSE and Flyff, he's now on to WOW, and grinding his way to 60 so that he can raid and grind for armor. In gw, grinding is a curse word. I've seen some 20s with no skill, and they get pwned up by 14s who know what they're doing.

17-10-2006, 16:43
without turning this into another gw vs wow topic i just want to say that the gw pve isnt shallow at all. the quests are quite differentiated, you just need to read the description. there are tons of quests that arent the usual find 5 body pieces. even those that are have incredibly high drops so its not even a grind.
the sence of accomplishment in gw comes in the form of unlocking. unlocking my last necro skill gave me a fine tingling feeling. getting the last part of felheart made me feel like an idiot :(

05-03-2007, 22:21
Hate to bring this thread up again - But i've since then bought and enjoyed GW alot - And i would like to recruit another friend to the mass ;)

If anyone mind sending me a spare trial key for him, I'd appreciate it.

Isis Gebnut
06-03-2007, 03:09
Check with maina

Sometimes has a key spare.

Maul Junior
08-03-2007, 22:09
which one? Prophecies? I've got a bunch lying around from pre-orders--pre-launch w/e

I THINK I have a Factions, too. Maybe even a Nightfall.