View Full Version : Gwshack?

Mr Dbest
16-10-2006, 04:44
where did it go?

16-10-2006, 09:17
You have to type the www. now, otherwise you'll get a french site.

www.gwshack.us works

gwshack.us doesn't work

That should answer your question.

Hoplaa Ti Hoplaa
16-10-2006, 13:42
Wow this site is amazing. Thanks for the link ^^

16-10-2006, 15:52
neither work for me...

17-10-2006, 19:20
doesn't work for me either just get a log in screen.

Parker Bsb
17-10-2006, 21:24
If you follow the directions Aire gave you it'll work I just re-tested it. Case closed.