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Runemaster Raikou
17-10-2006, 21:39
Couple of notes here before I get started: Elves play a big role in this story as the main character is a Half Elf, I just thought I'd mention this since I don't remember seeing any Elves in Guild Wars (if there aren't any deal with it im not changin' it). Also I created a new place; the Temple of the Magi (think of it like Hogwarts but not as queer) all the magic people go here (i.e. mesmers elementalists, necromancers) so in this story an Elemantal Mage is the same as elementalists though I use both interchangebly, also some magi arent really elementalists but focus on one element heres a short list

Elemental Mage/ Blood Mage=elementalists (Includes:Air,Fire,Earth,Water,and Light Mages)
Dark Mage/ Magi of Grenth= Necromancer
Illusionist/ Faceless Magi=Mesmer

Well thats about it I'll let you get to the story now, Enjoy! :wink:

Chapter I: A Mage's Gentle Hand

King Adelburn yawned, only partly listening to the peasant complain. It was before dawn and the king was really in no mood to deal with such things at the moment. He adjusted his crown which seemed to weigh heavier on his old brow with each passing day, it wasn't that he didn't care enough about the peasants to listen to their requests, he just didn't see why it couldn't be done at a more reasonable hour.

Adelburn Reaneas Ascalon, the king of Ascalon city, the shining star of the Ascalon Empire, was 61. Like his father King Aideleig he was strong and caring, however he was also stubborn and bull-headed. The King insisted that the recent plague and the pending Charr invasion could be thwarted easily without help from outside forces. A veiw most in the kingdom including his son Prince Rurik did not seem to share.

"So, your Majesty, I merely wished to know the progress toward a cure for this accursed plague, my lord." the peasent finished meekly.The wisened Patriarch woke from his thoughts with a jolt, "Oh...um...Yes, our young friend here should be very close to a cure by now...er...how goes the research Raikou?" He turned toward a young robed man who, until now, had stood silently by the throne. Raikou was pale and lean, suddenly he was overtaken by a violent spasm of coughs. As he fell to his knees blood seeped from between his fingers as he covered his mouth. Rurik rushed over to aid his young friend.

Raikou was a child prodigy and one of the most talented youths ever to come out of the academy, Even among the elite battle hardened warriors and mages there were few who could best him with steel or arrows, and even fewer who could outdo him with magic. The young mage was currently taking a break from his training as an Elemental Mage at the Temple of the Magi. He was currently employing his skills as an alchemist, working with dangerous elixers and reagents, trying to concoct a cure for the desease that had been plagueing the kingdom. Which, it so happened was the source of his current condition.

This is just a taste I figured I'd see how you guys liked it Before writing more.