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Hoplaa Ti Hoplaa
23-10-2006, 12:25
Ok so I was playing in a r3 PUG. We got to our first match and of course we faced [MOJO]

So the game started. I was kiting a warrior minding my own business. Then I stopped to heal and the split second I cast my heal I get Distracting Shotted. Cast after that Savage Shotted within a split second I started the cast. I was being interrupted like there was no tomorrow during that match.

Now what I wanna know: Was I being too obvious when I wanted to cast spells? (Stopping and casting right after)

Is there some sort of "special" animation my char does when he starts to cast? (Before he starts)

How can you tell?

23-10-2006, 12:58
what skill ?
3/4 sec can be interupted just by reacting quick, and 1sec is fairly basic to interupt. You could try having someone on your team bring shields up, it helps quite a bit.

Hoplaa Ti Hoplaa
23-10-2006, 13:13
Actually anything from Reversal of Fortune to Orison Of Healings

Domina Spellbinder
23-10-2006, 15:45
Sounds like the enemie ghost was on you.... The AI CAN interrupt 1/4 sec casts.....

Almas Darksoul
23-10-2006, 15:59
The Ghostly doesn't have savage shot.

Watch the battlefield, and find the ranger interrupting you. Try to stay out of his line of sight for important casts. If he is in range of you, do some fake casts (particularly good with signets which cost no energy) - let a cast get about .5 through, then cancel it. With practise you can make him waste his interrupt like this, and get a couple of seconds of free casting.

If you can, get your hands on a 20% cast time wand and a 20% cast time focus (especially on a PvE). You can use a collector focus and a Stormray wand. This means that you can get .5 casts off a fair deal of the time.

It might also be wise to try tweaking your build to include more 3/4 casts - these are generally harder to interrupt by the enemy, and near impossible to if you get the fastcast off.

Finally, it is important to have a random delay between casts, fake casts etc. Don't chain spells ever.

23-10-2006, 16:07
That was some good advice almas. I can't really add anything to that but I can tell you that our team beat Mojo 2 out of 3 tries (with henchies too). They pretty much run the same build everytime and if you study them on obs mode you can get a better understanding of what to do against them. They have two rangers with practice stance I believe with an E-surge mesmer, a warrior and two monks. They run a pretty high offense build with conidtion rangers and E-D pressure. The rangers carry debilitating shot so make sure to have your energy switches handy. MOJO uses their skills very efficiently so just a coup0le mistakes may cost you the match especially with the heavy conditions.

Edit: Something else I should add is that MOJO is a very strong team so basically no rank 3 pug should be able to defeat them on one on one maps. No matter how good a monk you are it depends on how your team is attacking their offense and enemy monks.

Hoplaa Ti Hoplaa
23-10-2006, 16:19
Yeah I realise that [MOJO] was way out of our league. And thanks for the tips on how to stop being interrupted. I have been trying to get behind walls etc to avoid being hit. I always forget to cancel my skills to make them waste a interrupt tho :E

Thanks alot

24-10-2006, 16:35
Most likely, they were using a chocking gas ranger, or possibly you were dazed, from skills such as Broadhead Arrows. If you do have a chocking gas ranger, attempt to hide behind walls or on top of bridges, where their arrows are obstructed. If you are dazed, ask the other monk to RC you or mend.

Wet One
24-10-2006, 18:44
I have ran that build with them, and it had several key factors to it... i would guess as was previously stated that you were either dazed and didnt know it or a choker was on you... because they dont normaly waste interupts for a healer, those are saved for offensive casters... but if you are dazed, wanding or normal arrows will interupt you

Hoplaa Ti Hoplaa
25-10-2006, 14:10
At 1 time I was Dazed due to Broad Head Arrow. But later when the most interrupts hit I wasnt. And I dont remember seeing choking gas on the rangers. They had Apply Poison and Melandrus Arrows :<

And about them interrupting offensive casters first: We only had 1 smiter and they didnt seem to mind him too much. Dunno what the other ranger was doing but 1 was definately shooting me.

25-10-2006, 17:28
The time I played against them I remembered no broad arrow. I posted earlier that they had two practice stance rangers with seeking but now I believe one of them had the melandru's arrow. Hopefully you had a person that carried draw conditions to relieve the pressure a bit. Just make sure your heals are efficient and that your teammates are communicating.