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26-10-2006, 19:25
I am still kind of a novice at the game, only on ring of fire with my 20 n/r and never got super serious about gw (dont own factions) until checking out nightfall. So I was hoping to make a w/d and get some armor while being able to do damage with scythes but I dont really know how to build one. my plan was to take the other heroes that would be heavily support based and just build myself to be the melee. please help me out with a build that might get that done as i really dont know where to start.

26-10-2006, 20:15
Here's a quick build i thought up in literally a couple of minutes

All of your attack skills become recharged. You gain 1-6 energy for each skill recharged by Flourish. This is an elite skill.
Endure Pain
For 7-16 seconds you have an additional 90-258 health.
Healing Signet
You gain 40-130 health. You have -40 armor while using this skill.
Thrill of Victory
If this blow hits, and you have more health than target foe you strike for +10-34 damage.
Penitent Strike
If this attack hits, you deal + 1-31 damage. If target foe has less Health than you, you lose one Enchantment.
Banishing strike
If this attack hits, you deal + 5-20 damage. If it hits a summoned creature, all nearby foes take + 10-85 holy damage.
Power Attack
If this attack hits, you strike for +10-26 damage.
Resurrection Signet

Scythe Master

Just spam away with the 5 energy attack skills, then use Flourish, and have another round. Heal Signet and Endure Pain to assist yourself when needed.

27-10-2006, 20:50
try a dervish as a prim because mysticsm is very very unique