View Full Version : Why do Paragon hairstyles have so many minor issues?

27-10-2006, 11:45
The new ones have polygon cracks.

The first one in the list - zoom out and you see the skin of your skull.
Then some fine ones come, but then it starts again: grey polygon cracks galore - never seen this on other GW Chars in this degree.

One of the short hair cuts pierces through the back of the radiant pvp armor... brrr. :sad: was otherwise fine.

Female hairstyles rock, but actually I wanted a male paragon. But the few that I like have all these issues. :(

The last hairstyle in the list especially - a simple short hair cut I would like, but the one with the most grey flicker/cracks. :(

27-10-2006, 14:35
I'm getting Nightfall in about 3 hours, I'll tell you if I have this problem too..


Could you take a screenshot of this problem and put it up here? 3 hours is much too long for me to wait. :tongue:

Lady Jade
27-10-2006, 14:56
I did notice this strange piece of visible missing hair on a monk: http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/1026/monkholevs7.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Artemis Shadowhawk
27-10-2006, 16:34
That's why I opted for being bald. Plus it shows off my headgear more.

Servant of Kali
27-10-2006, 16:57
I'd take a wild guess.... they dont have good barbers in Elona ;)

27-10-2006, 16:58
Some are visible once you created the char, when you zoom out.

But for the last three male paragon hairstyles (all female ones - Dervish and Paragon - seem to be 100% fine and ok) you see that they are - probably - high-polygon hairstyles.

High polygon models have a tendency to show more "cracks" than low poly models.

And this is what you see: grey cracks, grey polygons, ... eek. Otherwise some hairstyles are really nice, but not with this.

This is why I opted for the same solution as Artemis, he is now a KOJAK.