View Full Version : Female 15K Elite Sunspear - Paragon

Iorek Valr
28-10-2006, 14:21
Just got my Elite Sunspear set :grin: Enjoy:

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mark.bushby2/ascended/paragon/paragon15k_front.jpg http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mark.bushby2/ascended/paragon/paragon15k_back.jpg http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mark.bushby2/ascended/paragon/paragon15k_close.jpg

Cirdan Ecthelion
28-10-2006, 14:23
Very angelic looking.

Congrats :)

critical vengeance
28-10-2006, 15:54
nice armor, congratz :D!!!

Heath Laron
28-10-2006, 16:01
OMG! FoW can wait - I need that armour set, unless any other (better ones) show themselves later on in the game.

I love the chestplate - it looks gorgeous! I'm glad I made a female Paragon. <3

(Thanks for posting those screenshots, and congrats on such a nice set of armour!) :cloud9:

guardian of flamesz
28-10-2006, 16:07
o that looks v nice !

Tendaran Fenris
28-10-2006, 16:12
Wow all the more reason to make a female paragon. Holding out for the male version though to see which one I like better.

Princess eirika
28-10-2006, 16:29
Wow! :grin: Thanks for sharing! I think I might get this for my Girl, but I'm going to wait until I see all the 15's first.

Fade Into Shadow
28-10-2006, 16:49
Very nice, congrats.

Arctus Redryn
28-10-2006, 17:45
Nice work on getting the armor, but in my opinion, it is not very good (not to mention it looks like Elementalist armor). Spearmarshal Kormir has some VERY cool Paragon armor, on the other hand.

Calynda Danyciar
28-10-2006, 18:05
wauw gratz on armor, it looks really great,
i think im getting this armor for my para if there issnt any armor that looks better :smiley:

28-10-2006, 20:49
I hope the male 15k elite sunspear is good too... cause this looks nice.

28-10-2006, 22:00
what are the required materials?

28-10-2006, 22:05
what are the required materials?

Iron and Elonian Leather. No gems of any kind.

Orodreth Telemnar
28-10-2006, 22:12
I hope the male 15k elite sunspear is good too... cause this looks nice.


28-10-2006, 22:27
The armor is nice, but that white guy in it... :tongue:

28-10-2006, 22:47
Is that from the command outpost?

28-10-2006, 23:37
yay.. finally expensive armor that I actually like

I dont like the male one though:angry: