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30-10-2006, 14:41
Figured I'd post the build I've been using. It's all dervish at the moment.

Won a few glad points with this last night, and have passed through most of the game using this. The survivability, is balanced nicely with the damage output

16 Scythe Mastery
12 Earth
8 Mystism

Victorious Sweep
Reapers Sweep [e]
Twin Moon Sweep
Mystic Regeneration
Mirage Cloak
Vital Boon
Faithful Intervention

Basically the various enchants compliment each other. 50% chance to evade, with a +12 hp regen, due to the 4 enchants (cycle the MR)

Two hp-catches, VB / FI. Combined with some nice dmg output.

I usually alternate between Victorious Sweep and Reapers, and if I run into trouble, strip an enchant with twin moon, and benefit the health gain from FI, Vital, and the return from Twin Moon.

This build is incredibly enduring vs degen hexes, conditions, and all out dmg.

Just make sure you juggle your enchants, put them back on in the correct order (you dont want to strip mirage, with twin moon when you in trouble).


I feel guilty not using Mysticsm as much as earth, because it is our primary line. But you have to admit, alot of the earth skills are very very appealing compared to the mystism.

30-10-2006, 16:47
Not a bad build overall. I think there's too much healing, but that's just me. :P

One thing I have to say, however, is that this build looks very energy-consuming.

Faithful Intervention is nothing. It's some "fire n' forget" healing buff. You can cast it and regen the little energy cost.

But then... Mirage Cloak. Blam! 15E. And for only 10 seconds, mind you. After 10 seconds, you gotta cast it again. =/ I hope they'll lower the cost of this one in one of the next patches.

And then you wanna heal yourself? Mystic Regen, another 10E. This only lasts longer, at least. But, behold! It removes an enchantment from ya. -_- Unless you gain renewing it before it ends. And you wouldn't want it to consume Faithful Intervention by mistake, especially if you're already back to full health. :P

The rest is alright. Overall not a build I'd toy with cause I like 5E skills with only a few 10E.

For the heck of it, I'll post my build myself. It's not exactly Derv-only, but close enough. It's D/W. I'm not level 20 yet so I won't say how many points in which attributes but the only attributes used are Scythe Mastery, Mysticism and Earth Prayers. That's right, no Warrior attribute.

-Wild Blow
-Victorious Sweep
-Chilling Victory
-Heart of Fury/Conviction
-Heart of Holy Flame
-Vital Boon
-Signet of Pious Light
-Sunspear Signet

Wild Blow: Takes full advantage of the max damage of the Scythe. 5E and 5 seconds cooldown. Spam it freely. Hit 2-3 targets for maximum efficiency. Also cannot be blocked or evaded, as a small bonus. :) (Requires no Warrior attribute, to boot!)

Victorious Sweep: I think with 12 Scythe Mastery it's +23 DMG which is pretty nice. The healing on top of it is pretty sweet too, especially when it hits 3 targets lower in health than you. 5E, 4 seconds cooldown. Spam it too!

Chilling Victory: A bit more costy and health-dependent. Use it sparingly against larger groups. Make sure your target has less health than you, however. Nice skill if you get overwhelmed.

Heart of Fury/Conviction: This depends if you feel you need a bit more defense or a bit more offense. Heart of Fury is nice. Attack speed is welcome and the burning damage when it's over is useful. I tend to use it only if I -know- I'll need an offense boost. (Against a Monk or healer-type mob or something) Conviction is easy to keep active all the time with its low cost. The armor boost is pretty good and if you happen to lose your enchants it gives some decent health regen.

Heart of Holy Flame: I like the AoE damage boost it gives when activated. And the burning damage when it ends isn't negligible either. Holy Damage during its duration is pretty good too.

Vital Boon & Signet of Pious Light: Healing combo of Doom. Pretty damn nice health recovered every 8 seconds. Cast Vital Boon and end it immediately with Signet of Pious Light. You'll recover a good chunk of life and it'll only cost you 5E! If you still have Heart of Holy Flame on and don't mind ending it because you need even more healing, do so cause the Signet will still be recharged! Just make sure you NEVER use the Signet if you have no enchant to consume. 20 seconds cooldown is pretty lame when it's your only healing source. =/

I find this build rather energy-efficient and it kicks some major b*tt. Haven't really had any problem with this.

30-10-2006, 16:56
Nice build man :)

One thing, with the build posted above. I'm yet to have any serious energy issues. I seem to coast just fine, unless im denied or somthing.

30-10-2006, 17:08
One quick question - any reason you went with Mysticsm 8 instead of 9 for the next breakpoint in energy regained?

30-10-2006, 17:39
I wasn't actually aware 9 was the breaking point, I thought 12 was in favour for earth?

Edit: Also should have made note to the first poster. Mystic regen *doesnt* remove an enchantment :)

30-10-2006, 18:08
I wasn't actually aware 9 was the breaking point, I thought 12 was in favour for earth?

Edit: Also should have made note to the first poster. Mystic regen *doesnt* remove an enchantment :)

Good thing you mentioned that last part. I don't have access to GW right now so I can't check in-game descriptions, I gotta rely on the non-updated skill page here. =/

And yeah, I think 9 Mysticism is a must or so since the 2 points invested since 6 Mysticism only make your skills stronger while the 3rd would give you another 1E when an enchantment ends. I'm not sure about the sacrifices involved, however.

But I must admit I'm surprised you don't have energy management problems. But I'm glad for you if you don't. ;)

30-10-2006, 18:11
But I must admit I'm surprised you don't have energy management problems.

Swinging a zealous weapon at multiple targets per swing. Does wonders for the energy pool :)

Snow Flare
30-10-2006, 20:20
Where do you get victorious sweep/conviction, I can't seem to find it

30-10-2006, 21:35
I wish I could help ya there. I bought the PvP Edition along the PvE Edition so I kinda could pick any skill from the start.

I'd think Victorious Sweep can only be acquired later on since, to me at least, it seems rather powerful. (Nice damage PLUS healing, what's not to like? :P)

Conviction... I dunno. I'd think one of the first trainers should have it. Maybe I'm wrong.

In any case, I'll ask those of my friends who rolled Derv. They might know.

30-10-2006, 22:00
I can't seem to find the following skills anywhere..

Victorious Sweep
Reapers Sweep [e]
Mystic Regeneration

31-10-2006, 01:34
They are further on in the game. You have access to skills in three intervals. The last being quite near the end of the game.

The elite 'Reapers Sweep' can be capped from Dabineh Deathbringer in sunward marches


31-10-2006, 02:18
lol and I've always missed that elite, so sad.

Thanks a lot for the info :)
PS: Do you happen to know the location of some of the other elite skills, other then the avatars.

Malhavoc Adhamar
31-10-2006, 09:31
If you want the later normal skills and have Balth faction buy the skills you want from the Faction reward priest. That'll unlock the skills for you to buy in PvE.

31-10-2006, 09:43
Just to update. I ran this build through the last missions of the game last night.

The team consisted of mainly casters, only one monk. And I was the only 'tank'. My team was amazed at the survivability the build gave. Those who have been through the last few two missions, will understand.

Only problems, was when I was e-denied, but some careful managment and that's not too much of an issue. And the Corrupted Enchantment skill (never fun for a dervish).

Tupac Anhanga
31-10-2006, 10:54
I run with a similar build to the second in the thread, but with aura of thorns and irresistable sweep instead of wild blow and vic sweep. Lol I have not change my build since L12. And have not been tempted by any elite unless I'm farming. And even when farming...
just put vital up, then conviction (or avatar elite) and run to them! thorns and heart of flame. Time for pious light (you heal up, they get burning), irresistable (good attack for always hiting and geting that enchant to finish -- they start bleeding), pious if you have health prob (or energy) followed by chilling (AoE, as you def have more health than them right now).

You should have some energy to put vital up again and at least thorns (better if heart of flame). Hit pious again, twice, and follow with chilling (you got energy from the last two ended enchants, and def more health than them). If any still up and about, just keep doing two enchants, two pious and chilling till they die.

If I got a decent monk with me (my dunkoro for example :grin: ) I leave conviction/avatar out and add reapers sweep (e) or Mystic sweep. But then I might run into nergy probs everynow and then....